How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh?

Knowing your battery weight for your specific car model.

Why exactly does a car battery weight matter? If you’re searching for a high quality car performance, car battery weight is very essential to consider. The greater an automobile battery weighs, the greater it will weigh in totality. Therefore, it will not be as swift or as durable.

There are various battery weights that you may come across for your vehicle. It is very important to be knowledgeable about these weights in order for you to select the best among the many choices available. So if you’re wondering how much does a car battery weigh, the answers to your questions are here.

Classification Of Car Battery Weights

There are three classifications of car battery weights namely: Light Weight Batteries, Standard Batteries, and Empty Batteries.

1. Light Weight Batteries

Light-weight batteries are very suitable for small vehicles seeking to function better. However, you need to be very cautious in selecting a battery weight that will at least provide energy for your car. You may mistakenly purchase something that is too small. Nevertheless, light weight batteries do have a range of 10 to 20 pounds. Universal Battery and The Hawker Genesis line are some great models for light weight batteries.

2. Standard Batteries

Majority of standard batteries have a weight of 40 to 60 pounds. The applicable battery version that you can use is dependent on the model of your automobile. Die Hard, Ever Start, True Start, Equalizer and Duralast are some of the popular brands available in the market. Others may not be suitable for your car, so it is a must to double check the specifications before purchasing the product.

3. Empty Batteries

If you need to transfer an empty car battery, it’s weight will be about 15 pounds. However, it still depends on how heavy it is from the start. Lighter models may range from 6 to 7 pounds.

Standard Sizes

The overall measurements of a vehicle battery should essentially be taken into consideration when purchasing a new auto battery. The dimension of a car battery depends on its main features: starting current and capacity. The greater the values of these features, the greater electrodes are needed, and the greater volume of electrodes is required. Observe that load-carrying trucks have bigger car battery capacities compared to passenger vehicles.

The simplest way to purchase your needed battery is to select the battery with the same features and size as your previously used battery. In order for you to have greater knowledge about the sizes of vehicle batteries, here are the details about the batteries available in the market

European Standard Size

Europe manufactured cars can use this size of battery. It is easy to tell if a battery is European standard size given that the leads are buried in the cap of the car battery.

Asian Standard Size

This kind of battery has different appearance compared to European Standard Size batteries. In addition, the size is the key difference between them. The leads of this battery are placed in equal level with the cap. The shell is a little bit higher but not that long. Furthermore, these batteries are situated fixed beneath the hood of the car in a peculiar way.

American Standard Size

Such battery has approximately the same size as European batteries. However, there’s still a difference. Its leads are side leads that are situated on the longest side of a vehicle battery.

Car Battery Weight Chart

The table below shows that car battery weight depends upon the capability and accessibility of electrolyte.

​Capability of Car Battery amp/hours                                                                    

​Weight  of Car Battery with Electrolyte lbs (kg)                

​Battery without Electrolyte lbs (kg)                                        

​225 amp/hours

​136.2 lbs (61.8 kg)

 ​112.9 lbs (51.2 kg)

​190 amp/hours

​108.2 lbs (49.1 kg)

​105.6 lbs (47.9 kg)

​135 amp/hours

​82.7 lbs (37.5 kg)

​74.1 lbs (33.6 kg)

​110 amp/hours

​57.1 lbs (25.9 kg)

​56.4 lbs (25.6 kg)

​100 amp/hours

​54.0 lbs (24.4 kg)

​48.1 lbs (21.8 kg)

​95 amp/hours  

​51.8 lbs (23.5 kg)

​ 45.6 lbs (20.7 kg)

​90 amp/hours  

​50.9 lbs (23.1 kg)

​45.2 lbs (20.5 kg)

​77 amp/hours  

​42.1 lbs (19.1 kg)

​35.7 lbs (16.2 kg)

​75 amp/hours  

​41.9 lbs (19.0 kg)

​34.2 lbs (15.5 kg)

​70 amp/hours  

​40.1 lbs (18.2 kg)

​32.6 lbs (14.8 kg)

​66 amp/hours  

​37.3 lbs (16.9 kg)

​31.5 (14.43 kg)

​65 amp/hours  

​36.8 lbs (16.7 kg)

​31.1 lbs (14.1 kg)

​62 amp/hours  

​34.4 lbs (15.6 kg)

​30.2 lbs (13.7 kg)

​60 amp/hours  

​34.0 lbs (15.4 kg)

​29.1 lbs (13.2 kg)

​55 amp/hours  

​32.2 lbs (14.6 kg)

​26.7 lbs (12.1 kg)

​50 amp/hours  

​28.4 lbs (12.9 kg)

​24.7 lbs (11.2 kg)

​45 amp/hours  

​26.7 lbs (12.1 kg)

​21.8 lbs (9.9 kg)

42 amp/hours  

​23.6 lbs (10.7 kg)

​20.1 lbs (9.1 kg)

​40 amp/hours  

​23.4 lbs (10.6 kg)

​19.4 lbs (8.8 kg)

​35 amp/hours  

​22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)

​19.2 lbs (8.8 kg)

Where Are The Features And Weight Of A Car Battery Located?

In most instances, the weight of a battery is printed on the sticker. If you would like to check if the amount printed is right, you may consider weighing it yourself using scales. You must also take into account that the printed weight on the sticker is of a dry-charged battery. Electrolytes are not included. When it comes to weight, the key role is played by the manufacturer and model of a car battery. Models with higher capacity need greater plates and electrolytes.

Comparison Of Popular Car Models Battery Weight

After understanding the types of battery in terms of weight, let us now take a look at the required standard battery for different car models.

​Car Model                    

​Car Battery Brand    

​Weight of the Battery

​2006 Honda Accord Hybrid

​Valucraft Battery          

​27.61 Pounds              

​2011 Subaru Impreza

​Duralast Platinum

​39.01 Pounds  

​2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse          

​Odyssey Battery                      

​46.60 Pounds                          

​2-11 Nissan/ Datsun Track Frontier              

​Duralas Gold                                                        

​37.74 Pounds                                                  

​Toyota Prius/Etios Petrol/Innova Petrol/Corolla Petrol  

​Amaron Go                                                                                              

​19.84 Pounds                                                                                      

Where To Buy The Best Car Batteries

Vehicle batteries are sometimes the type of commodity that people don’t think about unless it’s no longer working. Most of the time, it happens in the most untimely situations; like when you’re about to go for work or travel for a vacation. Anyone who has experienced having a dead battery is aware that replacing it at the soonest time possible is a priority. When this occurs, one thing that needs to be figured out is where to go when finding a replacement.

In the future when you find yourself with a car that won’t start because of a dead vehicle, check out any of these stores where you can purchase a replacement for your battery.


This is the primary online seller that has almost whatever thing that you need. This is the perfect place to select if you are in need of replacing your auto battery. What makes Amazon advantageous is quantity. You can select from various brands and sized where reviews from customers are available. Quick shipment is also enclosed under Amazon Prime.


As a general store where vast majority of people live close, Walmart is the best alternative in the event that you need to purchase something nearby when absolutely necessary. While the store offers web based shopping and in-store pickup, many people rely on the customer service. This help implies you can rapidly locate the correct battery without completing a lot of experimentation


One of only a handful of nearby stores that offer full-alternative vehicle benefits and substitution of automobile parts, Pep Boys is the place to go when you have encountered some car trouble. While their internet shopping knowledge is more constrained than major online retailers, Pep Boys exceeds expectations at in-store customer service. This makes it simple to discover and introduce the correct auto battery without lifting a finger.

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts is a car part provider that has an all around adjusted on the web and offline services. They don't have the same number of physical stores across the nation over their rivals, yet their internet shopping background is truly outstanding to locate the correct battery for your vehicle.

The store even conveys its own line of auto batteries notwithstanding other eminent brands. Therefore, you can discover probably the longest guarantee inclusion periods around (most around four years) in the event that you need to stay secured for your next battery replacement.


With this post, I hope you now have greater knowledge about the average weight of a car battery. This understanding will be helpful when selecting a new battery for your vehicle. You must not forget about the weight of your car’s battery when selecting one. In addition, you should consider the size of a battery.

If you failed to recall about it, you might encounter problems while installing the battery beneath your vehicle’s hood. If you want to guarantee that you get the best kind of battery for you vehicle, it is vital to be knowledgeable about car battery group sizes, chart details, and any other details.