How To Change A Toyota Car Key Battery

Learn the ways you can change your car key battery for your Toyota car.

Toyota has been in the car business for years, and it never stopped improving and maintaining its status in the car industry. Despite the many car brands and makes coming up, Toyota can maintain its status as one of the best vehicles in the world. With the latest model of Toyota, it has also come up with its keyless entry. Will it be difficult to change the battery in the car key?

How to change a Toyota car key battery? Just like any other car, Toyota has its mechanism and standards when it comes to its keyless entry feature. However, it has similar procedures in changing its car keys.

Here are the methods on how you can change its car key batteries:

1. Open the key fob.
2. Pry the fob into halves.
3. Detach the green circuit board.
4. Change the battery.
5. Replace the battery with a new one.
6. Return the assembly.

More Details On The Ways Of Getting Your Toyota Car Key Replaced

1. Open the key fob. In opening the key fob, you need to press the button on the key fob’s side to be able to remove the ignition key inside.
2. Pry the fob into halves. In the tiny flat device, you have to find the fob where the metal key ignition is located.
3. Detach the green circuit board. In this step, you need to detach or remove the green circuit board to have access to the battery that needs replacement.
4. Change the battery. Once you have removed the green circuit board, you will see the round flat battery at the back. Remove this battery and replace it with a new one.
5. Replace the battery. After removing the battery, you are now ready to place the new battery in the same slot as before.
6. Return the assembly. You are now ready to reassemble the parts, put it back again to how you have disassembled them. Once done, you can test the key fob if it is working correctly. It should function well without any issue.
In case, the key fob doesn’t work correctly, then, the battery is not the issue. Your key fob must have something more severe than battery problems.

Toyota has many different car models. Each model has its specifications and procedures on changing car key batteries.

Find out which model are you using and if it follows the correct car key battery changing procedures!

Different Toyota Car Key Models Of Installation

1. Prius

Most Toyota car model nowadays is using Smart Key technology. It is what we call as the keyless entry for most cars and vehicles. Toyota Prius is one Toyota car model that uses this kind of technology.

Let us find out how Toyota Prius changes its car key battery below:

1. Inside your key fob, there is the manual key tucked inside. You need to remove this first. You can do this by looking for the tab that slides through the end of the fob. You can find it at the end where the key ring is attached.
2. Slide this tab from the ring and pull the manual key out.
3. After pulling out the key, slide the tab again and hold it. At the same time, slide off the back cover of the casing.
4. After removing the back cover, unscrew the four screws. This thing will make screwing back a lot easier when you are finished.
5. When the plate is already off, you can easily pop the battery out by using another screwdriver. Be careful in doing this as you can damage the internal components of the key fob. You do not want to spend much more on this than the battery.

You are now done with the battery replacement. Test if your key fob is already working!

2. Corolla

Toyota Corolla is one of the favorite car models of Toyota. You must be one of the many owners of a Corolla and changing its car key battery must also be one of your dilemmas.

Changing the car key battery for a Corolla is quite simple. It doesn’t require any reprogramming for the key. All you have to do is to use a quality screwdriver to pry the halves of the key fob.

Once you have successfully pry them, you can find the flat small round battery inside. It uses a CR2016 button battery. Replacing the battery need to have the positive side facing up. You can return the assembly in the reverse pattern.

3. Camry

Toyota Camry has almost the same instructions as with the other year models. It has a digital display that will tell you if the battery is already running low. As soon as you see this, you have to replace it at once, or you will leave the key fob dead for a while.

Here is how you do:

1. You have to push the latch on the fob’s side and pull the manual key out.
2. At the end of the manual key, you have to pry out open the key fob. Place the end of the key in the narrow space perpendicular to space where you pulled the key out.
3. Twist the manual key to remove the fob.
4. You can find the battery on the other side of the circuit board. Slip the manual key on the board and pull it out.
5. Remove the battery.
6. Replace the battery with a new CR 1632, which is what the Camry uses as car key battery.
7. Reassemble the parts and test if it is working correctly.

4. Rav 4

Here is how you do for Toyota Rav 4:

1. Find the notch on the bottom corner of the key fob.
2. Using a flat screwdriver, insert the screw in the groove and pry the fob in halves.
3. Remove the remote control in the housing of the fob.
4. Pry off the back cover of the remote control unit using a screwdriver.
5. Remove the old battery. You can use a screwdriver or your.
6. Replace the battery with a new CR2016. It is a 3V battery. The positive side should be facing upwards.
7. Snapback the cover back in place.
8. Return the housing in the key fob.
9. Test the new key battery. You can do this by pressing the lock and unlock keys.

5. Prado

Changing the car key battery for a Toyota Prado is as easy as eating peanuts.

Here is how you do it:

1. Remove the small key from the fob. Insert the end of the key in the space beside the place where you pull it from and slowly twist it.
2. Twisting it will open the fob into halves. Make sure that you don’t drop the circuit board or the battery assembly.
3. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. The battery for Prado is CR1632 and a 3V battery button.
4. Return the key assembly in a reverse manner. You are done!
5. Test your key battery by pressing the lock and unlock buttons.

6. Yaris

Here is how you can do for your Toyota Yaris:

1. Push the latch on the side of the key fob.
2. Pull the manual key out while holding on to the lock.
3. Insert the key in the slot and twist it to pry the fob into halves.
4. Carefully remove the back cover of the battery. You can use your fingernails or your screwdriver in flipping the cover.
5. Remove the old battery.
6. Install the new one. Yaris uses a CR2032 battery.
7. Return the assembly by following the reverse order.

Is the Way Of Changing A Car Key Different For Every Toyota Model?

Yes, different car models of Toyota needs a different procedure for changing its car key battery. The logic for this is that every car uses a separate lock and model. Though there may be some similarities, the procedure on how to change the key fob batteries may vary from one model to another.

1. Prius

Toyota Prius, in particular, differs from other Toyota car models in terms of changing its car key battery. You may refer to our instructions above to find out how it is done.

In Toyota Prius, the battery is secured by four tiny screws that you need to remove to get the battery out. Though other methods may be the same, the presence of the four screws makes it different from the rest of the Toyota makes and models.

2. Corolla

As we have also discussed how Toyota Corolla change its car key battery, you will notice that it is quite similar to the other Toyota brands and makes.

It is the simplest model to have the car key battery changed. It is because of the commonality of the Corolla model. It does not need any reprogramming for its key fob. All you have to do is to change the battery and you are done.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Toyota Car Key?

It would be simple and easy if you will be car key battery in the issue. But, if you lost the entire key fob, you have to replace the whole thing. You can ask your Toyota dealer to replace fob as the whole for you.

Replacement and reprogramming will cost you around $200 or even higher depending on the model of the car and the design of the key.

Toyota is a favorite car make for many. It is relatively easy to learn how to change your Toyota car key battery.

Look for your car model and make here and see if it can help you out in improving the car key battery all by yourself.

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