How To Test Golf Cart Batteries

Checking up the golf cart batteries if they are working properly

Golf cart power cells are commonly six-volt deep cycle batteries specially designed to power small systems. Golf carts can also use the eight-volt and twelve-volt varieties of battery as long as they are deep cycle power cells that allows them to go further compared to the ones used in vehicles. Although these deep cycle batteries offer longer runtime, keeping them in top shape is a required to extend their life, and one of the great ways of maintaining these batteries is tested them regularly.

In this article, i am going to talk about the different ways or methods to ​test your golf cart batteries. Giving you an idea on how to carry out the different tests that you can do to make sure your batteries are charged. It will also guide you through how to properly carry out two of these tests to allow you conduct them on your own. Learning how to test your golf cart power cells will not only let you check the condition of your batteries. It will also help you save money and time since you won’t need to bring them to your mechanic and pay for the test.

​3 Ways You Can Test A Golf Cart Battery

There are three different ways to check your golf cart power cells. Each of these methods will let you know if your batteries are charged or discharged. Some of them will require you to use a specific device to get accurate results while the other method is a simple way of knowing if the batteries are charged or not. To be familiar with these methods, they are briefly explained below.

● Using A Hydrometer – The first method of testing a golf cart battery and considered to be the most accurate on is the method that uses a hydrometer. In this testing method, you are going to use a hydrometer to measure the density of the electrolytes through the specific gravity. After you measure the specific gravity which will be the reading on the device, you are going to compare them to chart that will tell you how much charge is left in the battery.
● Using A Load Tester – The next method of testing a battery for golf carts is a method that uses a load tester. In this method, you will be using the load tester to measure the voltage of the battery while it is providing a small amount of load. Once you get the reading on the device, when the battery has a small amount of load, you can then compare the reading to a chart to let you know the current charge of the battery.
● Using A Discharge Machine – The last method of testing golf cart batteries is by using a discharge machine. This method is often done by dealers since the machine is too expensive for home or small business use. In this method, both the positive and negative ports of the battery are connected to a heating coil on the machine that will provide a load with 75 amp while the battery is discharged. The machine will then show you how long can the cart run in minutes, under a typical level of load.

​5 Tips You Have To Keep In Mind Before Testing

When it comes to conducting a golf cart battery test regardless the method you are going to use you have to prioritize your safety. This is to avoid any unwanted incidents that may harm you or the environment. So before you carry out a battery test make sure to keep these tips in mind.

​Tip 1. Always remember that golf cart batteries have sulfuric acid, a toxic chemical that may cause burns and other nasty chemical reactions.

​Tip 2. Every time you are working with lead acid batteries like golf cart power cells, make sure to wear protective gears like gloves and goggles.

​Tip 3. Before conducting the battery test, making sure that you have all the right materials is key to quicker implementation.

​Tip 4. Consulting the user manual of the instrument that you will use will make sure that you are right on track.

​Tip 5. It is better to carry out the task if you have a guide that you can refer to from time to time to be sure that you are doing the right steps.

​Using A Hydrometer

Checking the battery voltage is a method also known as Specific Gravity Test. Because it is a method that uses a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the battery fluid. It is a proven and tested battery test that will provide you with accurate results. Here are the steps to carry out this test below.

Step 1: Disconnecting And Removing The Battery From The Golf Cart. To carry out the specific gravity test on your golf cart battery, the first thing you have to do is to prepare the battery that you will test. So the first step that you have to take is to disconnect the battery from the cart and remove it from its tray. Let the battery sit for a while to allow it to dissipate to ensure accurate readings.

Step 2: Preparing All The Battery Cells For The Hydrometer. The next step is to carefully remove the plastic caps of each cell of the battery to get it ready for the hydrometer. Make sure to observe the caps for leaks that may burn your hands and wear protective gloves before touching the caps.

Step 3: Inserting The Hygrometer Probe Into Each Battery Cell. After removing the caps of battery cells, you are now ready to measure the specific gravity of the liquid in each cell. This step is done to every cell of the battery, and make sure to take notes of the reading for each cell. Insert the probe of your hydrometer in the battery cell and let it submerge in the fluid, then squeeze the bulb of the hydrometer. After squeezing the bulb, release it to allow the fluid to flow into your device.

Step 4: Get The Reading From The Hydrometer And Take Note. After getting the specific gravity reading on the first cell, make sure to take note of it by writing it on a piece of paper. Then do the same on the other cells. Then compare your reading on the table below to have an idea of how much charge the battery has left in it.

​Using A Multimeter

The method of testing a battery that uses a multimeter is also known as Open Circuit Voltage Check. It is also a proven and tested test that provides accurate results same as the specific gravity test. This test is commonly used by car experts and mechanics.

Step 1: Configuring The Voltmeter Or Multimeter For The Test. In this voltage check method, the first thing you have to do is to make sure that your device is set to read up to 20 DC volts. To make sure that you will have an accurate reading that will tell you the exact condition of your battery.

 Step 2: Preparing The Battery To Be Tested. Now that your device or instrument is configured and ready, you can now prepare the battery for the test. Start by disconnecting all the cables linked to the battery to allow you to connect the ports of your device to the respective battery terminals.

​Step 3: Get The Reading On Your Device And Get Your Result. Once you get the reading on your device, you can now compare the result on the table below. It will give you an idea if the battery still has some charge left. If the result or reading on your device is lower than the value on the table, this means the battery has bad cells, or it was left discharged for a long time.


There you go, now you know how to test golf cart batteries with these tips i have provided you above, please let me know if you have any question about this topic or a topic you would like to read about in the future. I am very happy to provide helpful tips and guide for you.