List Of Interstate Battery Dealers You Can Find Nearby

There is nothing that feels annoying than your car battery bailing on you. More often than not, the scenario happens when you least expect. Say, for instance, you wake up early in the morning, prepare yourself and take some coffee. But, on stepping out, your car out there starts to disappoint. The battery is flat, and so the car can’t start.

If the incidence occurs often, it means your battery is dying, and hence the need for a new one. When the idea to acquire a new battery arises, that’s where the name Interstate battery comes in the picture.

So, where can I get Interstate battery dealers near me? Today, there are many places at which you can get Interstate batteries. They include:

• Amazon
• Costco
• eBay
• Interstate distribution stores

These are among the most common areas at which you can get these top-quality batteries.

First of All, Why Choose Interstate Batteries?

The high chances are that you are after this battery type because of the hype. Probably, a friend has convinced you that Interstate battery is all you should get as your next replacement. Well, Interstate batteries don’t only deliver the hype, but results. Interstate batteries are known for their extra power. If you’re looking for something sturdy, they are the way to go.

Besides, they are designed for durability, and that means that the battery you get is likely to serve you longer as opposed to the conventional batteries. Moreover, the brands come with more extended warranties (36-month free replacement); hence, a perfect deal as compared to the standard cells in the market. Without saying much, here are the top places you should pay a visit to buy this battery model.

Let’s Take a Look at These Interstate Battery Distributors

1. Amazon

Thanks to the advancements in tech today, there is the internet and hence, Amazon. The first place you should look up to when shopping for a car battery should be Amazon. Often, experts say that if you can’t find it on Amazon, it doesn’t exist. Amazon is known for stocking almost everything that ever lived.

The good thing about shopping at Amazon is that you can find various suppliers dealing with the same product. The availability of different dealers means different prices. Therefore, when shopping via Amazon, it means that you will easily find a dealer that matches your budget.

Besides, Amazon is known for having the best security measures. Therefore, when transacting over the platform, you don’t have to freak out about losing your hard-earned money.

2. Costco

Do you happen to live near a Costco store? You can count yourself as lucky, if one of their locations happens to be a few blocks from your place of residence. Costco is a celebrated multinational corporation with locations spread across the states. The platform works on a membership-only basis. If you’re not a member of their warehouse clubs, be sure you’re missing a lot in terms of products, services, and stuff.

If you’re looking for an Interstate car battery to be precise, Costco should be the first location to scout. The store is known for stocking Interstate batteries, among other few top brands. The good thing about shopping for the battery via the store is that you will always find a well-informed assistant willing to walk you through the buying process. The staff can help you choose a battery that matches your car model.

Additionally, their batteries usually come with a 42-month replacement warranty. You can never know how valuable such a long-term warranty is until a newly-acquired battery starts messing with you. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t install batteries for their clients. Therefore, you will have to look for a mechanic to install the battery for you. Also, you can choose to install the battery by yourself because it isn’t too much of a task.

3. eBay

The power of the internet can never be underestimated at all costs. Say, eBay, for example. Currently, it remains one of the top online stores that you should fully utilize when it comes to any sought of item. Like it is with Amazon, eBay stocks Interstate batteries. Therefore, whenever the idea to shop for a new battery arises, you should list eBay amongst your options.

One thing that you will find interesting about eBay is the ability to search. The online store allows you to search for the battery dealers near your location. Therefore, you can search and order for your Interstate battery at the comfort of your home.

4. Interstate Locations

Today, most car batteries you find in the US are either from Exide Technologies or Johnson Controls, Inc. The popular Interstate batteries, for instance, are manufactured by Johnson Controls. It’s at this point that most people are often asking why the name Interstate and not Johnson or something close to that.

Well, Interstate is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas. It’s a renowned marketing and distribution company, and that’s why they have their name on this battery models. If you are looking for an Interstate battery for your replacement, then you should consider one of the company’s locations.

Interstate usually have locations spread across the states. Therefore, you can search for a location near you and acquiring the new battery.

5. Walmart

The high chances are that you live near a Walmart store. You may have known the store for groceries, among other home items. But did you know that the store delivers high-quality car batteries? Yes, you can find an Interstate battery in one of their locations near your home. Therefore, when looking for a battery replacement, you have to consider driving into one of their outlets and place an order.

You can, as well, place your order online or via their app, which is available. One fantastic thing about buying from them is that you will enjoy the fair prices that the store is known to offer. Therefore, you shouldn’t let such a massive opportunity to pass you blindly.


In the recent past, Interstate batteries have become the talk of the town because of their top quality standards. Listed in this article are the top five dealers in these battery models. Read through the piece to get an idea of the dealer near your location.

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