Does AutoZone Sell Interstate Batteries?

One thing that never changes is the fact that you will need to replace your car battery on one occasion or another. When it comes to replacements, it’s recommended that you consider getting the best deal in the market.

Interstate batteries are among the most recommended options. These batteries come with promises of excellent service delivery and long-term services. You can’t also fail to acknowledge the warranties that are included in the cells.

So, does AutoZone sell Interstate batteries? No, the celebrated auto dealer doesn’t specialize in this line of cells. When it comes to battery replacements, no shop has got people covered like AutoZone. The store offers the best models in the market. Unfortunately, you can’t find Interstate batteries from their stock.

Therefore, if you are looking for an Intestate battery only, then you ought to consider a different store such as Walmart or Costco. But, AutoZone also has other top brands that you can find. Without saying much, here are some of the conventional models in the store, and that may give you a second thought.

3 Different Battery Brands AutoZone Has Besides Interstate Batteries

1. Duralast Battery

If you have been driving for some time, the high chances are that you have heard or even used Duralast battery. This model is known for being reliable and efficient. Therefore, if you’re open to options, it’s high time you gave this model a chance. According to the manufacturers, this model is designed to restore your car’s starting power. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t feel the extreme temperatures, this is it.

Duralast batteries are designed for efficient performances, whether on the cold or hot seasons. When it comes to construction, this model has it all. It comes with a unique and stable design that enables it to avoid the damages that may arise from vibrations. When it comes to warranty, with this model, you can expect two years of free replacement.

1-2. Duralast Gold

Duralast is one of the few brands in the market today, known for its efficiency. The brand has various models and which ensure that you can always find a battery from them that matches your power needs. Therefore, if you find the standard Duralast battery to be unsatisfying, then you should consider the Duralast gold version.

This model is tailor-made for drivers who are looking for maximum power. When it comes to the gold version of this brand, it comes fitted with additional plates and grids. With the design, the battery can deliver maximum starting power. Therefore, if you have been having trouble starting the ride during the extreme cold weather, you should consider this model.

As usual, this model is also vibration resistance and hence performs efficiently. This gold version comes with a warranty of three years of free replacement. Thus, if you are looking for a battery that can serve in the longest time possible, you should consider the gold version of Duralast.

1-3. Duralast Platinum

Often, the power given by the two models above may not be enough. Well, Duralast assures you that there is nothing to worry about because there is the Duralast platinum, a model designed for superior performance.

When it comes to this excellent model, it features absorbent mat technology (AGM). As you are aware, batteries that feature this advanced tech are known to be efficient, flexible and the safest as they are spill-proof.

The AGM technology isn’t the only surprising thing that you should expect to find in this battery. It’s known to combine that maximum starting power and the deep cycle capability. With the battery, you can, therefore, expect the battery to keep all your electronics running strong. The model is also designed to resist vibrations.

When it comes to buying the batteries, no one wants to go for a battery that requires much care. People wish to cells that they can even forget they even existed. The Duralast platinum is one of those batteries as it’s sealed and maintenance-free. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your precious time checking and adding the water.

In addition to the many fantastic features that come with the battery, you get a warranty for three years of free replacement.

2. Valucraft Battery

Often, you may be operating on a tight budget when the need for a battery replacement arises. As you are aware, cells can be a bit expensive. The price of the batteries is dependent on the brand, as well as the features that come with the batteries in question.

If you are scared about the high prices, don’t worry because AutoZone has everything for you. You can go for a Valucraft battery, one of the few brands in the store that sells at a lower price. The battery is specially designed for car drivers that are looking for something that can provide their vehicles with the minimum starting requirements.

3. Optima Batteries

If you are a veteran in the world of motor vehicles, you must have come across this battery model that goes by the name Optima. You can find this model at AutoZone. This model is highly recommended for individuals who are after performance and reliability.

The AGM battery comes with a unique spiral design. This design makes the battery appealing, as well as efficient. Therefore, if you are looking to trying something unusual, Optima are the way to go. The batteries are multipurpose. They can be used in both land and water because they run efficiently without minding the temperatures.


Waking up to a dead battery is an everyday encounter. Cells, like any other item, have a lifespan. The sad part is that they bail when least expected. When it comes to battery replacements, AutoZone is one of the few renowned stores that assure drivers that everything has to be easy.

They stock the best brands in the market, not forgetting the after-sale services and warranties that accompany these brands. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t stock the popular Interstate batteries. However, it does have some of the best battery brands that you ought to consider. Read through the piece to understand why the brands listed are worth the consideration.

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