4 Best Batteries for 6.7L Cummins Diesel Engines in 2021

Most diesel engines whereby the Cummings is also included need incredible power for them to crank. Therefore, if your vehicle has a 6.7L cumin engine, then you need a heavy-duty battery. Models with these engines have inclusions like pumps and lighting features that need a lot of power for efficient operation.

What Vehicles Boast the Cummins 6.7L Diesel Engine?

The engine is also known as the turbo engine which is mainly found in RAM 2500 and RAM 3500. These vehicles are considered to be heavy-duty hoopties that need an incredible power supply to all the pick-up trucks and the RAMs. So, if you are a RAM owner, this is the best battery for your vehicle.

Therefore, in case you need a battery replacement for your truck, go for a battery with excellent specifications like incredible CCA and an adequate reserve capacity. Here are some of the best battery for 6.7 Cummins diesel engines.

  1. Odyssey Lead-Acid Battery (94R-850)
  2. Delphi MaxStart Reverse Terminal AGM Premium Battery (BU9094R)
  3. ACDelco AGM Automotive battery (94RAGM)
  4. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Battery (NSB-AGM94R)

Therefore, the above battery models are the best choice in case you need a replacement battery for your pic-up truck. They will never disappoint you and be assured of long service life and durability. With no further ado, let’s have a detailed look on the battery’s specifications.

4 Best Batteries for 6.4L Cummins Diesel Engine Reviews

Have you been looking for a post tackling the issue on batteries that can be used in Cummins engines? If not, then you are in the right place. This article reviews the best size 94R batteries for heavy-duty vehicles powered by the turbo Cummins diesel engines.

The criterion used in selecting these batteries is based on their durability, the reserve capacity and cold cranking amps of respective batteries. So the batteries in this list will serve your purpose optimally if they are a perfect fit for your vehicle. Sit back and relax as you go through this article.

1. ODYSSEY Lead Acid Battery (94R-850)

This battery is designed to ensure that all onboard accessories in your heavy-duty truck work efficiently. The battery also plays a significant role in ensuring there is an extended service cycle; power produced is highly reliable with deep cycling abilities. This is quite an ideal choice for your daily use truck. Here are its features.


  • It has a total weight of 54.8 pounds
  • Its dimensions measure 6.85 x 12.36 x 7.47 inches
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a low discharge rate
  • You can easily install it in any position
  • It has a fast charge rate
  • Has CCA of 850
  • Its RC is 150 minutes

The lead-acid battery is a unique design purposed to handle surplus power needs by your vehicle’s accessories. Its incredible cold-cranking capacity ensures your vehicle starts or stops when you need it to.

The battery is durable when compared to its counterparts. Despite that, the battery is highly reliable with its abilities in deep cycling. Amazingly, the battery is spill-proof and highly resistant to vibrations. This means, even if you drive in rough terrain, the battery is safe and secure, thus saving you the maintenance cost.

Also, the battery has a slow discharge rate since it can hold the juice up to 2 years. Similarly, the battery takes at most six hours to charge fully. Therefore, this is the battery you need for your day to day functions as it will not disappoint you!


  • It is leakage free
  • It is durable
  • It charges at a fast rate
  • It discharges at a slow rate
  • It is resistant to vibration


  • Their customer services are lowly rated

2. Delphi MaxStart Reverse Terminal AGM Premium Battery (BU9094R)

Batteries from Delphi cover an alley of CCA and RC when compared to the ordinary batteries. In modern trucks with an increased number of accessories, the RC ensures that all of them run without failure. These batteries are great for your heavy-duty pick-up since they offer all needs required by these vehicles.


  • They have a total weight of 51.5 pounds
  • Their dimensions measure 12.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches
  • They have a total voltage of 12 volts
  • Total CCA of 800
  • They have a reserve capacity of 140 minutes
  • Highly resistant to vibrations
  • Free from corrosion

The MaxSmart battery has an incredible CCA that works efficiently to ensure your engine ignites even when subjected to extreme temperatures. Similarly, this CCA indicates that the battery can handle your vehicle’s electrical needs no matter the usage.

On the other hand, the battery is designed with a robust casing that is resistant free. It is said to be twenty times resistant than the conventional batteries. It’s designed with fortified welds, and posts that ensure there is no spillage of the electrolyte. Therefore, fear not when driving on rough terrains because you and your vehicle are safe!

Another essential feature in this battery is that it is resistant to rust. The leakage proof design means that the battery has low maintenance costs. Its housing is also equipped with a manifold system.


  • It is highly resistant to vibration
  • The battery is leakage free
  • The battery is resistant to corrosion
  • You can count on it when driving on uneven terrains or in extreme weather conditions


  • Not suitable for deep cycling purposes

3. ACDelco AGM Automotive Battery (94RAGM)

This battery has high deep cycling abilities and can help you start or stop your engine when the need arises. The battery is made of AMG design which means it’s free from leakages.

It’s also designed with oxygen recombination technique to minimize water reduction. These batteries are durable since there is the pressure acting on the plates, thus reducing mass loss from the grid.


  • It has a total weight of 51.6 pounds
  • Its dimensions measure 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • It is made of AGM design

The 94RAGM has remarkable deep cycling abilities and charges at a fast rate. In case you need a battery for start-stop purposes of your truck, this battery perfectly suits the purpose. The GM design ensures the battery remains leak proof.

The incredible technology of oxygen recombination is used in this battery’s design so that less amount of water is lost and increases the batter’s lifespan than its competitors. You can use this battery for a range of vehicle operations because of its long service life.

Also, there is the constant maintenance of pressure on the battery’s plates to reduce mass lost actively within the grid. Its paste has high density, thus boosting the battery’s lifespan and remarkable performance.

The caps are made of a vented design to ensure the battery is spillage free. Similarly, the battery has low internal resistance by the help of calcium lead that is highly conductive.


  • It is highly durable
  • It has a low internal resistance
  • The battery has a long service life
  • It has maximum conductivity
  • Its performance is high


  • The battery is susceptible to corrosion
  • The battery has a limited warranty

4. Northstar Pure Lead Automotive Battery (NSB-AGM94R)

These batteries are famous for their ultra-high performance nature. They have an incredible reserve capacity and superior cold-cranking amps, low maintenance costs, best cycling abilities and a fast recharge rate.

Never use your car for transportation issues only, always keep in mind it is a luxury too. In case you need a replacement battery for your SUV, off-roader or truck, Northstar is the battery you need.


  • It has a total weight of 25.9 kg
  • Its dimensions measure 31.5 x 17.53 x 18.8 cm
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a CCA of 840
  • It has a reserve capacity of 158 minutes
  • Its capacitance is 76Ah
  • Its total pulse cranking rate is 1, 650A
  • Has a one year warranty

The most outstanding feature in this battery is the incredible cycling ability that makes it the best option in powering most diesel engines. The battery is designed to have a fast charging rate together with high cold-cranking amps.

The high cranking rates ensure all your vehicle’s needs are taken care of and the rigid housing used to house the battery’s units ensures the battery is highly resistant to vibrations.

Also, its resistant to heat dissipated by the engine, thus ensuring safety to you and your vehicle. The battery is designed to be resistant to corrosion and it’s well designed to be leakage free. Therefore, you will have no burden of checking water levels in your battery or wiping the terminals clean. You are completely covered in this!


  • It is resistant to vibrations
  • It is leakage free
  • It has incredible cranking rate
  • It requires minimal maintenance practices
  • It is resistant to corrosion


  • Its warranty is short

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, your Cummings 6.7L diesel engine requires a reliable and robust battery for high performance. This article has discussed the best four replacement batteries for your 6.7L Cummings diesel engines.

Therefore, when selecting a battery, follow the guide above and ensure the battery selected perfectly fits your vehicle for better performance. Thank you!