3 Best Car Batteries for Chevy Cruze in 2021

Your Chevy Cruze’s performance is always determined by the battery you have installed under your hood. When your battery becomes faulty, you will quickly notice that because of the signs shown when you start your vehicle.

For instance, you wake up one morning, and when you want to turn on the ignition key, your Cruze takes time to power. This means you need to replace your battery with a different one. Ensure the battery you select can offer enough juice needed by your vehicle for its entire purpose.

With that said, you should be keen when choosing a replacement car battery for the Chevy Cruze because of the various models in the market. In case it’s your first time buying a battery, fear not because this article reviews the best replacement batteries for your Chevy.

Because shopping for a Chevy Cruze replacement battery may be daunting and tedious, it’s good for you to look for advice on the best battery models. Here are my top three picks.

  1. Interstate MTX-94R/H7
  2. Duralast Platinum Group 48 Battery (H6-AGM, 760)
  3. Odyssey Group 48 Battery (48-720T)

To have an extraordinary driving experience in your Chevy Cruze, you need to ensure your battery condition is perfect. Therefore, if your battery has problems, the above models are perfect replacement models. These batteries are tested and certified; thus, you need not doubt my reviews.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Chevy Cruze Reviews

Even though your Chevy Cruze can fit other batteries, you are strongly advised to ensure that the battery you install perfectly fits in your vehicle and supplies the vehicle with the correct amount of power needed.

By installing the correct replacement battery, your vehicle’s performance will always be at the peak, thus ensuring you have no difficulties when operating your Chevy Cruze.

When looking for the batteries to compare, I carried out extensive research based on the battery’s durability, performance, purchase price and reviews from other customers. Therefore, be confident about the battery models reviewed in this article.

Without delay, let’s have a quick but detailed look at different specifications of each battery model. Hope you enjoy reading the article.

1. Interstate MTX -94R/H7

This battery is considered a top-quality battery; thus, the main reason why most technicians for its incredible features prefer it. The battery was initially used only in vehicles, but currently, you can use the battery in different areas like forklifts, golf carts and watercraft.

The battery is great at ensuring the power produced is dependable, thus providing solutions in the motive and important power industries. Therefore, there is a need for you to select this battery because its specs are a great fit for your Chevy Cruze.


  • Fitted with handles for easy installation and removal
  • Has a total CCA of 850
  • The battery has a warranty of 3 years
  • It has a total weight of 51.8 lbs
  • The battery dimensions measure 12 x 6.15 x 7.5 inches
  • It has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts

The reason why I chose this battery is that it offers superior starting power and continuous power supply to accessories. The battery’s design is a replacement for the original AGM equipment as a way of providing additional power that your Chevy Cruze needs for performance and continuous functioning of the onboard accessories.

The battery is designed to be leakage free, thus ensuring that you can mount it in any position. Also, the battery’s design makes it leakage-free, thus offering maximum safety to both your vehicle and all its passengers.

The battery is designed with the AMG design to ensure it has an extended service life with optimum performance. The battery also comes with a three years replacement warranty. With its incredible features, the battery is a perfect fit for your Chevy because it meets all the requirements needed by the Cruze to start and maintain a long service life.

The downside about this battery is that it is a little bit heavy therefore you need to handle it with the utmost care when installing or removing it from your Chevy Cruze.

The battery is quite a beast when it comes to Reserve Capacity because the RC ensures all the appliances are powered for their efficient functionality.


  • It is maintenance-free
  • The battery has flexibility in mounting
  • It is resistant to vibrations
  • It is durable
  • Has an amazing reserve capacity
  • It is a perfect fit for vehicles with a lot of electronic appliances
  • It has incredible starting power


  • The battery is relatively heavy

2. Duralast Platinum Group 48 Battery (H6-AGM, 760)

Duralast battery is a battery made of the AMG design to ensure your Chevy Cruze receives an ultimate combination of power flexibility and durability. The battery has incredible cold-cranking amps and an amazing reserve capacity. Once you purchase this unit, be assured that power supplied is safe and reliable to ensure all your onboard accessories are powered.


  • The battery has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a total weight of 46.7 lbs
  • has a total cold-cranking amperage of 760
  • It has a total reserve capacity of 120 Volts
  • It is made of AMG design
  • It has a replacement warranty for three years

The AMG design involved in constructing this battery ensures that the battery is designed with amazing cold-cranking amperage so that your vehicle is provided with amazing starting power and offers amazing deep cycling abilities.

An advantage of this battery is that it is designed to be free from leakages because of the caps that prevent spillage of the electrolyte. Therefore, the battery is a hundred percent free from maintenance. Likewise, this battery is safer than you can imagine.

The battery is designed to be a perfect choice for your Chevy Cruze because it can power all the electrical appliances installed in your vehicle. These appliances like the audio system, heated seats, DVD players and other appliances need a continuous power supply for full operation; thus the reason why you need a battery that can supply you the needed power.

The downside about this battery is that its price is relatively high; therefore, there is a need for you to stay on budget when shopping for this battery.

The battery is constructed with a strong casing to make it resistant to vibrations caused when driving on rough terrain and other shocks that could damage the battery components. This feature also ensures the battery remains durable.

This battery has more cycling ability and recharges at a faster rate. Its life cycle is two times more than the life of conventional batteries.


  • It provides massive starting power
  • It is highly resistant to vibrations
  • It is durable
  • Has an extended service life
  • Recharges at a fast rate and cycles more
  • It is spillage free
  • It is maintenance-free
  • It is safer


  • Its price is relatively high

3. Odyssey Group 48 Battery (48-720T)

Because your Chevy Cruze is equipped with a lot of onboard accessories, you need to find a better replacement battery once your battery starts showing signs of failure. Because the appliances need a continuous power supply, purchasing the Odyssey battery is the best option for you.

These batteries have a combination of extended service life and incredible deep cycling abilities. This high-performance battery stands a chance of providing you with all the power needed for your vehicle’s optimum functioning.


  • It has a total weight of 49 pounds
  • Its dimensions measure 10 x 13 x 10 inches
  • The battery has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It boasts a cold cranking amperage of 720
  • It has a reserve capacity of 109 minutes
  • It has a total capacity of 69 Ah
  • It has a warranty of three years

This battery is designed with the thin plate pure lead tech. The plates in the battery are from virgin lead not an alloy like its counterparts. The batteries are made thin so that they can completely fit into the casing.

Because of their thin nature, the plates provide an additional surface area of fifteen percent where reactions take place to ensure the battery produces its massive power. Also, the design ensures the battery is more reliable and durable.

When you compare this battery to conventional batteries, its life is three times longer. It has an extended service life that rages between three to ten years.

Similarly, the batteries are equipped with incredible deep cycling abilities and amazing reserve capacity to serve the accessories installed in your vehicle. You don’t need to add water to this battery because it’s maintenance-free.

Because the battery components are made of pure lead, you should always wear protective clothing because lead is known to cause birth defects, and it’s also a major source of cancer disease. Stay safe!

Even though we have recommended this battery for use in your Chevy Cruze, you can as well as use it in your truck or trailer. This is because the battery can power a significant number of accessories.


  • It is spillage free
  • It is durable
  • It is maintenance-free
  • Offers incredible power
  • It has a massive reserve capacity


  • It is packed with pure lead which is known to be a potential cause of cancer


It is quite a disappointment for you to spend on a less reliable battery because its performance is wanting. This article has reviewed the best three car batteries for Chevy Cruze, thus helping you select the best battery. Thanks for reading!