3 Best Car Batteries for Chrysler 200 in 2021

The Chrysler 200 vehicle is considered a reliable ride, but once your battery gets damaged, you may be left stranded at the roadside. Since most batteries start failing early in the morning, it’s advisable to select the reliable battery for your vehicle.

However, the market has a variety of batteries available in many group sizes. It would help if you found a battery that completely fits your vehicle’s power needs.

With that said, this article reviews the best three replacement batteries for your Chrysler 200. After reading this piece, you will indeed find the best battery of your choice. Sit back and enjoy going through this article.

Choosing the right battery is quite a task. After carrying out extensive research, here are our top three picks.

  1. DieHard Platinum AGM Battery (H7, 850 CCA)
  2. OPTIMA YellowTop Deep Cycle Battery (H6, 800 CCA)
  3. Odyssey Battery Group Size 48 (48-720T)

Above is a list of the top-rated three battery models in the current automotive market. Your search has come to an end because the products above are from trusted brands. Also, the batteries are reliable and before you purchase any of them, ensure they perfectly fit in your Chrysler’s hood for perfect functioning.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Chrysler 200 Reviews

To be sure that everything in your Chrysler 200 works efficiently, you need to grab yourself a dependable battery from the best dealer. Always ensure the battery you purchase is tested before you install it in your hood. Always acquire a battery that not only has the right price but also with the correct battery size for optimal performance of your vehicle.

You should not doubt the products in this article because my research was based on customer reviews, purchase price, output and performance of the battery. Below is a detailed description of each battery to help you land on the best choice for your luxurious Chrysler.

1. DieHard Platinum AGM Battery (H7, 850 CCA)

This battery is a perfect design for your power-hungry Chrysler 200. The AGM battery is designed to boost up to two times more life when compared to standard batteries.

Also, it’s a perfect match for vehicles designed with a start-stop system and also fit with a lot of electrical appliances like navigation features, cameras and heated seats. These features require a lot of power to operate thus the reason why you need the DieHard Platinum AGM Battery.


  • It has a total weight of 51.8 lbs
  • Its dimensions measure 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a cold cranking amperage of 850
  • It has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes
  • Its total cranking amperage is 1000 A
  • It has a three years warranty

Our primary interest in this battery is that it is designed with Stamped Grid Tech that ensures the positive and negative grid design is durable and robust.

This battery offers incredible starting power because of the fantastic CCA it boasts. No matter the weather conditions the battery is exposed to, it works exceptionally and efficiently to ensure the vehicle’s performance remains optimum.

On the other hand, the battery is built to attain cranking abilities, and its remarkable reserve capacity output meets all the AGM technology requirements.

About safety, the battery is designed to be free from leakages, thus ensuring that it remains maintenance-free. You can also install the battery in any direction since the battery is safer than you can imagine.

Its excellent reserve capacity of 140 minutes enables you to have a long service life while ensuring that all the onboard accessories are supplied with continuous power for their efficient functionality.

The battery is designed to be healthy and can perform efficiently even when exposed to high temperatures and also crank your engine even when the temperatures are shallow.

The battery is highly resistant to vibrations when you compare it to flooded batteries because of its robust design. It is also resistant to corrosion; thus, the reason why it is durable when compared to its counterparts.

There is only one disadvantage of this battery. The battery is relatively massive and should be handled with care during installation to avoid any unnecessary injuries.


  • The battery is maintenance-free
  • It’s a perfect fit for vehicles with start-stop systems
  • It boasts an incredible reserve capacity
  • It’s a perfect unit for vehicles with many electrical appliances
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • Highly resistant to vibrations
  • It is a high-performance unit


  • It is relatively heavy

2. OPTIMA YellowTop Deep Cycle Battery (H6, 800 CCA)

When you need a replacement battery with a great starting power, you need not look further other than the OPTIMA YellowTop battery. This battery also boasts amazing deep cycling abilities with amazing service life.

It’s considered an ultimate power source for your Chrysler 200 and can also be used for dual purposes. You can also use this battery for heavy-duty functions like commercial vehicles and in trucks.


  • It has a total weight of 54 lbs
  • Its dimensions measure 11 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Its cold-cranking amperage is 800
  • It has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a total cranking amperage of 925 A
  • It has a three years warranty

The reason why we chose this battery is because of its thin virgin lead plates. The battery electrodes are made from pure lead, thus the reason why it can offer you the incredible starting power.

The battery is designed with the AGM flat plate technology with inclusions of pure glass matt separators in each compressed plate. Because of the thin plates, the surface area for reactions is increased thus optimum power and the extended service life of the battery.

The downside about this battery is that it is made of pre lead and the lead components are known to cause cancer. It is therefore advisable to wear protective clothing like gloves when handling this battery.

This deep cycle battery is also the best option in situations where there is no alternator. This includes light-weight vehicles, drag cars, and other competitive racers. The battery is fifteen times more resistant to vibrations when compared to standard flooded batteries. This is the main reason why it is preferred for racing purposes because it never disappoints.

The battery performs better even when exposed to extreme weather conditions, and its shelf-life is three times that of its competitors. Another added advantage about this battery is that you can mount it almost in every position. If you need a battery that will deliver you ultimate power anytime in any place, this is the choice for you.


  • It has a fast recharge rate
  • It is maintenance-free
  • The battery has optimum starting power
  • It is leakage free
  • It has an extended shelf-life
  • Highly resistant to vibrations
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Incredible cranking power and amazing deep cycling abilities


  • Its relatively pricey
  • It’s bulk

3. Odyssey Battery Group Size 48 (48-720T)

This battery is designed to handle all the power needs of your Chrysler because of the increased accessories installed in it. This battery has a combination of long service life with reliability and excellent deep cycling abilities.

This battery is also designed with the thin lead plate technology since their plates are not made of tin alloy. The thinner plates fit completely in the battery casing creating a surface area that is large to produce more power.


  • It has a total weight of 50 lbs
  • Its dimensions measure 10.9 x 6.8 x 7.5 inches
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a CCA of 723
  • It has a reserve capacity of 130 minutes
  • The battery capacity amounts to 69 Ah
  • It’s made of AGM design
  • It has a four years warranty

This battery is designed with alien craftsmanship and has been tested by the BCI; thus, the reason why it is in our list. This battery has an extended service life, thus saving you money, aggravation and time.

It’s also designed to have an excellent cycle life when you compare it to conventional batteries. The battery maintains a stable voltage for a long time.

The most appealing thing about the battery is that it has a fast recharging rate when compared to other batteries in the market. The battery takes four to six hours to be full of juice when charging it.

The battery has superior cranking power that takes five seconds to start your engine. The battery can crank your engine even when exposed to shallow temperatures.

The battery can be installed in any position because of its non-spillable design. However, please don’t install it in an inverted position. The design also makes it highly resistant to shocks and mechanical vibrations caused when driving in rough terrain. It’s also tolerant of extreme temperatures.


  • Has an extended shelf life
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Its leakage free
  • Works efficiently even when exposed to extreme conditions
  • It has an amazing warranty


  • Its relatively heavy

Final Verdict

Even though it’s quite a challenge when it comes to buying a replacement battery for your vehicle, this article has got your back. The above batteries are the best fit for your Chrysler 200 because we kept pruning different models until the three were left. Always ensure your Chrysler has the correct car battery for Chrysler 200 for optimal performance.