3 Best Car Batteries for Ford Escape in 2021

Are you having problems related to your Ford Escape performance? Is your engine giving you hard times to start? Then it would help if you did not worry because that is a battery-related problem. These signs are a clear indication that your battery is faulty. Therefore, you need to purchase a replacement battery so that you will experience the best driving experience.

In case you needed a buying guide, you just landed on the right article. This article reviews the best three replacement car batteries for Ford Escape. Even though there are many brands in the market, I filtered different choices until I was left with the best three.

Even if batteries are created to be the same, they will never remain that way forever. At some point, you will need a good replacement battery for your Ford Escape, and here are my picks.

  1. DieHard Platinum AGM Battery (Group Size H6)
  2. OPTIMA RedTop Battery (Group Size 35)
  3. Duralast Gold Battery (96R-DLG)

Since a battery has a lifespan ranging between three to four years, you will witness signs of a sluggish starting cycle in your Ford Escape after this. Therefore, you need a suitable battery replacement, and the above choices are the best in the market today. However, before shopping for any battery, ensure it perfectly fits your vehicle.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Ford Escape Reviews

Since many battery models could fit your Ford Escape, it is quite challenging to choose the correct replacement battery. The case is even tricky when it’s your first time shopping for a storm. However, there is no need to worry since this article got you covered! I’ve researched for you, thus making work easier on your side!

My research was based on battery durability, reviews from other customers, battery price, and other important specs. You don’t need to worry about batteries on the list because they are tested and satisfied. Without delay, let’s have a quick look into each battery.

1. DieHard Platinum AGM Battery (Group Size H6)

This type of gold battery is designed to ensure your Ford Escape is supplied with massive starting power despite the climate. Therefore, you should never worry about climate once you purchase this battery because it will never disappoint you once you turn on the ignition button.

The battery is designed with unique specs to ensure high performance and reliability. It is quite a perfect choice for your luxurious Ford Escape.


  • The battery’s total weight is 45.6 lbs
  • The battery’s dimensions are 11 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  • The battery’s total voltage is 12 Volts
  • The battery’s cold-cranking amperage is 760
  • Its RC is 120 minutes
  • It has a total capacity of 70 Ah
  • It is made of AGM design
  • Three years replacement warranty

Because your Ford Escape is equipped with many appliances that make your vehicle power-hungry, you need to ensure that you have the correct battery, and this DieHard battery is the best unit for you.

This battery is also designed to be two times more durable when compared to standard batteries. This is a perfect replacement battery for all vehicles with s start-stop system and vehicles with appliances that pose a heavy battery load.

The battery is designed with Stamped Grid Technology that includes robust and durable anode and cathode grid design. This feature ensures premature failure is eliminated and free from corrosion.

Using the AGM design, the battery is built to ensure that your vehicle is supplied with incredible combinations of power, flexibility, and durability. The battery delivers amazing cold-cranking amps and an excellent reserve capacity. All these specs ensure that the power provided by the battery is safe and reliable.

The battery is made to be not only spillage free but also highly resistant to vibrations and corrosion. Likewise, the battery never disappoints when it comes to deep cycling abilities since it has the ability to cycle more and recharge quickly.

The downside about the battery is that as time goes by, they have a reduced capacity. This applies even though they exhibit reasonable charge holding characteristics.

The stamped technology used in the battery ensures that greenhouse gas emissions released by your vehicle are less than 20% when compared to other technologies.


  • It’s maintenance-free
  • It’s resistant to corrosion
  • The battery is vibration resistant
  • It has incredible CCA and RC.
  • Perfectly fits vehicles with start-stop system
  • It has a fantastic starting power


  • The battery’s capacity reduces with time

2. OPTIMA RedTop Battery (Group Size 35)

This battery is considered a high-performance unit with massive starting power needed to cough your engine at any time. The battery is an unparalleled power delivery battery and highly resistant to most issues that cause battery failure. The battery is a perfect unit for all heavy-duty purposes like off roads.


  • The battery weighs 31.7 lbs
  • Its measurements are 9.3 x 6.75 x 7.68 inches
  • It a voltage of 12V
  • The battery has a cold cranking amperage of 720
  • It has total RC of ninety minutes
  • It has a total capacity of 44 Ah
  • It is made of spiral cell technology
  • Three years full replacement warranty

The battery is built using the spiral cell design, which ensures that the power offered to your vehicle is healthy and clean to make sure there is safety to your family, environment, and yourself.

The battery has an excellent reserve capacity to ensure you are supplied with power all the time when you need it, thus ensuring you experience an extended service life. Also, its incredible CCA ensures that your vehicle is supplied with a powerful burst to safeguard your engine coughs immediately when you turn on the ignition key.

The battery is also built to ensure it can withstand harsh launches and a good option for race cars because it can withstand the sharp corner’s effect. Also, it’s designed to fit several appliances like trucks and other applications. The battery has an unsurpassed reputation as an automotive and truck battery.

When you compare this battery to conventional flooded batteries, its vibration resistance is 15 times superior. This ensures the battery components are kept intact even when driving on rough terrain, thus ensuring its durability. The storm also has a fast recharge rate.

The battery comprises pure lead plates and other lead components known to be predisposing factors of cancer and congenital disabilities.

Designed with a spiral cell, the battery boasts tremendous starting power and is highly tolerant of all factors to ensure the battery performs optimally while maintaining quality. These conditions include temperature tolerance, and humidity is monitored.


  • The battery is leakage free
  • It can be mounted in multiple positions
  • It has a fast recharge rate
  • It’s maintenance-free


  • The lead components are predisposing factors of cancer

3. Duralast Gold Battery (96R-DLG)

This battery is a proven formidable battery engineered to ensure your Ford Escape is supplied with robust cold-cranking amperage and excellent reserve capacity to ensure your vehicle’s manufacturer needs are met for optimum performance.

It doesn’t matter to which weather conditions the battery is exposed, it works appropriately, and you can count on it for extended service life. Therefore, when purchasing this battery, have no doubts since it’s an excellent unit for your vehicle.


  • The battery’s total weight amounts to 30.34 lbs
  • The battery’s dimensions measure 9.5 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches
  • The battery’s total voltage is 12 V
  • It has a reserve capacity of 95 mins
  • Has a full replacement warranty of three years

The battery’s casing is made from an impact-resistant polypropylene that ensures the battery contents are not damaged when exposed to intense vibration. Incredibly, the battery’s performance is increased by the use of a specifically designed paste.

This battery is not only compatible with your Ford Escape but also with several vehicle models because its top post is conveniently located for easy connections.

The battery is designed with incredible CCA and RC to ensure your vehicle’s performance remains at bar. All electronic equipment like DVD players and the stereo system operate without failure.

This battery works effectively even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. The storm also packs several grids to ensure the power supplied during ignition is high. The significant part about the battery is built with the best vent caps to ensure safety during operation.


  • It is 100% maintenance-free
  • It has massive cranking power and tremendous reserve capacity
  • The batter is reliable and durable
  • It’s highly vibration resistant
  • It is a corrosion-free unit


  • Its lead components are known to cause .congenital disabilities

Final Verdict

A vehicle with a faulty battery as well as dead. Therefore, ensure your battery is always in a healthy condition. When planning to buy a replacement car battery for Ford Escape, above are the choices you should opt for. Thanks.