3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai Accent in 2021

Your Hyundai Accent’s performance is determined by the battery you have installed below your hood. In case you experience issues when it comes to starting your engine or reduced general vehicle performance, this is a clear indication that you need to grab yourself a new battery. As such, you need to find a powerful and durable replacement battery.

However, finding a nice replacement battery is quite a task mostly when it’s your first time to shop for a battery. You shouldn’t worry about this if you own a Hyundai Accent because this article is for you. I’ve reviewed the best three brands that will perfectly fit into your battery rack once you purchase it. Hope this article solves your battery replacement issues.

In this article, there are three battery models discussed, and they are the best alternatives when you are shopping for a replacement battery for your Hyundai Accent. Here are my top three picks.

  1. Odyssey 48-720T Battery (Group Size 48)
  2. ACDelco Advantage Battery (Group Size 48S)
  3. Duralast Platinum H5-AGM Battery

Replacing your battery after every three to four years should be your habit because this ensures your Hyundai Accent remains as reliable as possible.

Therefore, anytime you are looking for a replacement battery for this vehicle, ensure the battery selected is a high-performance battery with all the features needed to ensure your vehicle’s power needs are served.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai Accent Reviews

Starting your day with a failed battery is such a bad thing. Most batteries show signs of failure early in the morning when the temperatures are so cold thus the battery undergoes difficulties to crank your engine.

Therefore, when this happens, you should purchase a strong replacement battery as soon as possible to ensure your vehicle’s performance returns to normal.

Battery models reviewed in this article were well picked by considering performance, durability, among other considerations. Therefore, fear not to go through this buying guideline since it only reviews certified and high-performance batteries.

1. Odyssey 48-720T Battery (Group Size 48)

Odyssey manufacturers use the grass mat technology to manufacture most of its batteries which makes them high-performance batteries. Also, there is the inclusion of TPP (thin plate pure lead technology) to ensure their batteries produce massive starting power.

The batteries are meant to be thin so that they can wholly fit in the battery casing and also increase the surface area needed for a reaction to produce maximum power. The battery’s alien design also ensures that the battery is reliable and has a long life. These odyssey batteries are termed to be the most reliable batteries in the current market.


  • The battery weighs 21.8 kg
  • The battery has dimensions measuring 10.9 x 6.8 x 7.5 in
  • The battery offers a voltage of 12 V
  • It’s cold-cranking amps are 723
  • It has a cranking amperage of 842
  • The battery has a reserve capacity of 130 mins
  • It has a three years warranty

The battery is made of pure and thin lead plates that completely fit in the battery casing to ensure there is an additional surface area of fifteen percent thus the main reason why this battery has amazing cold-cranking amps.

These Odyssey batteries are designed to provide your vehicle with the energy needed to power all your onboard accessories. The battery has a combination of extended service life, reliability, flexibility and incredible deep cycling capabilities. These batteries are well known because of their reliability with less CCA and RC that are not a concern for many people.

The battery is manufactured in the United States and is tested before being put to the market. This is the reason why it boasts an extended shelf-life ranging between three to ten years, thus saving you money and time. When compared to conventional flooded batteries, the Odyssey battery has an amazing service life while maintaining a stable voltage for long during the cycle.

The battery has a fast recharge rate since it takes at most six hours to charge completely. It only takes five seconds to crank your engine once you have this battery installed in your vehicle. You can mount this battery almost in all positions because of its mounting flexibility.

However, the lead used to construct this battery is a potential source of cancer.
The battery has no escaping gases or leakages, thus making it a maintenance-free unit.


  • The battery takes a short time to recharge
  • The battery reduces the cost of maintenance
  • It is tolerant of high temperatures
  • Can be mounted almost in every position
  • Has an extended service life
  • It has amazing cranking abilities
  • The battery’s design protects it from high shock impacts generated when driving in uneven terrain


  • Lead used to construct the anodes is known to cause cancer

2. ACDelco Advantage Battery (Group 48S)

The ACDelco battery is designed to be tolerant to shocks and resistant to breakage because of its strong plastic casing which allows for durability. To add, the battery is designed with envelope separators that are strongly attached to ensure the electrolyte doesn’t leak.

The battery terminals are made to be resistant to corrosion, thus reducing you the headache of cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the manufacturers for including the integral gas separators and a flame arrestor in the exterior to ensure the battery is safe from any sparks that may cause damage to its internal parts.


  • The battery has a total weight of 39 lbs
  • ACDelco battery has a voltage of 12 V
  • It’s cold-cranking amps amount to 680
  • Its total cranking amps are 810
  • It has a reserve capacity of 140 mins
  • The battery has a warranty of 18 months

The ACDelco battery is designed with premium technology in its chemical composition, its design and the electrodes to ensure the battery lasts for long. Also, the design reduces leakages, gas escapes, corrosion and seepage, thus keeping the battery-free from maintenance.

The battery’s service life is enhanced because of the lead alloy used in constructing the anode and cathode. Likewise, loss of water is reduced to ensure the battery’s durability remains at bar.

The advantage battery has high cycling abilities and is remarkable when it comes to charging reception issues. The battery’s boast a great CCA which makes them a better option for vehicles equipped with the start-stop system.

The battery is also designed with the oxygen recombination technology to ensure there is reduced water loss, thus keeping the battery maintenance free. The battery’s shelf-life is extended because of the maintained pressure plates that reduce the loss of active mass.

In case you need a starting battery with reliable power, this is the best battery for your Hyundai Accent. Even though we recommend this battery for your vehicle, you can also use this battery in industrial use, marine vessels and other automotive.

The battery is suitable for heavy-duty purposes and can meet all your vehicle’s power needs. The battery is tested in the lab, and once you purchase it, you are served with an amazing warranty. Always choose this battery any time you need a high-performance battery.


  • The battery is built to be safe
  • The battery is durable
  • It is built to be leakage free
  • Its terminals are resistant to corrosion
  • Its performance is maximum because of the high-density paste


  • The battery posts contain lead which is known to cause cancer

3. Duralast H5-AGM Battery

In situations where your battery has gone bad, and you need one with an impressive combination of flexibility, power and durability, the H5-AGM is the unit you need to purchase.

These batteries are designed with not only massive starting power but also an incredible reserve capacity to ensure your vehicle is provided with starting power that is safe and reliable. Also, the battery offers the required power that keeps your accessories operational at all times.


  • The battery weighs 39.3 lbs
  • The total voltage of this battery is 12 Volts
  • It’s cold-cranking amps amount to 680
  • The battery’s dimensions measure 246 x 171 x 190 mm
  • The battery has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes
  • It has a three years warranty

The amazing part about the battery is that it can recover from deep discharge when compared to the conventional batteries.

With its amazing cold-cranking amps and its excellent reserve capacity ratings, the battery has massive starting power and great deep cycling abilities. It is also built with advanced technology to fit vehicles that require a lot of power because of the many onboard accessories.

The battery’s casing is made of robust plastic material to ensure it is resistant to any impact, thus ensuring the battery is durable. When compared to conventional flooded batteries, the battery recharges faster and cycles more.


  • The battery is durable
  • It has a fast recharge rate
  • The battery has no maintenance practices
  • Has massive starting power


  • Its price is relatively high

Wrap Up

It’s amazing when you experience a great driving experience in your Hyundai Accent, but it becomes a challenge when your battery fails. Therefore, replacing a battery should be a task that should be done every four years if you need continued performance.

In this article, the best replacement batteries for your Hyundai Accent are reviewed, thus giving you a simple task when shopping for one. Thank you!