3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai Sonata in 2021

Hey, do you own a Hyundai Sonata and it’s showing some lagging issues when you start it? If yes, then you just landed on the right article. When your vehicle shows the signs above, it’s a clear indication that your battery is faulty. What do you do when your battery is bad?

You need to find the best replacement battery for your Hyundai Sonata to ensure your vehicle’s operation is optimal. In this article, the best three battery models have been discussed. Even though choosing the right battery is quite a daunting experience, I’ve made it easier for you by filtering all the models and coming up with three picks.

It’s quite stressful dealing with a faulty battery in your hood. Instead of continued use of a dead battery, you are advised to replace the worn-out battery with a good and powerful battery. Here are my top three picks for your Hyundai Sonata.

1. Duralast Battery 124R-DL (Group Size 124R)
2. Econcraft Group 75DT Battery
3. ACDelco Advantage Battery (Group Size 124R)

In case you are worried about finding the best replacement battery, then worry not because the batteries above are a perfect fit for your Hyundai Sonata.

The batteries are built to be strong, reliable and durable to ensure after installation you experience an extended shelf life. Also, the batteries are equipped with amazing cold-cranking amps needed to crank your engine when you need it.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai Sonata Reviews

The current automotive market is equipped with several battery models. When you are selecting a replacement battery for your vehicle, you need to be extra careful to ensure the battery you choose is the right unit for your sedan.

Battery models discussed in this article are satisfied and tested. Never should you be worried about the choices because the research was based on reviews, output and durability.

Without delay, here are detailed specifications for each battery.

1. Duralast Battery 124R-DL (Group Size 124R)

Assuming that your Hyundai Sonata starts performing decimally and you need it battery replaced, you need to find a proven tough battery and the Duralast 124R-DL is the best choice for you.

This storm is technically designed and equipped with amazing specifications to ensure that your vehicle is supplied with massive starting power and amazing Reserve capacity. Once you purchase this battery, be sure to have an extended service life.


  • The unit has a weight of 39.6 lbs
  • The battery has a voltage of 12V
  • It’s cold-cranking amperes amount to 700
  • It has an amazing RC of 120 minutes
  • It has a two years warranty

The best thing about this battery is that it is designed to be resistant to high temperatures and works efficiently even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, thus ensuring your vehicle’s performance remains optimal.

Because your Hyundai Sonata is equipped with many electrical appliances, you need to have a strong battery that can power your vehicle and ensure these appliances operate efficiently at all times. With its amazing CCA of 700 and an awesome RC of 120 minutes, be assured that this battery will serve your interests the best.

This battery is meant to withstand excess vibrations because of its polypropylene construction which is resistant to impact, thus ensuring the battery components are kept in place for durability.

Similarly, the battery is designed with a special paste to ensure the battery’s performance is unsurpassed. Thanks to the manufacturers for including best vent caps to ensure the battery operates safely.

The lead-acid battery can be used in an alley of vehicle models, most of them being lightweight and passenger vehicles. With its advanced model, the battery is a maintenance-free unit with an all-weather starting ability. Before the battery is put out in the market for sale, it undergoes various tastes to ensure it’s a high-performing battery.

The battery is also built to be tough to ensure it is durable, thus making it a good battery every Hyundai Sonata driver can count on. The battery never disappoints once installed in your hood. It doesn’t matter what weather condition you are working in.

This maintenance-free unit will never disappoint you because it’s designed to offer reliable power needed to start your Hyundai Sonata.


  • The battery is designed to be vibration resistant
  • The battery’s performance is increased with the special paste
  • Presence of vent caps lowers the maintenance costs
  • Works amazingly in any weather condition
  • It is equipped with robust starting power and impressive reserve capacity


  • The battery is relatively heavy

2. Econcraft Group 75DT Battery

This battery is an amazing unit designed with the state of art technology by use of computer-controlled techniques to ensure the battery is safe for operation. Amazingly, the battery production process included 250 checks to ascertain that the battery delivers the correct amount of starting power needed by your Hyundai Sonata.

Therefore, when you purchase this unit, feel relaxed because you are about to experience the best performance.


  • The battery has a weight of 32.5 lbs
  • It’s cold cranking amps amount to 650
  • Its cranking amps are recorded at 810
  • The battery has a voltage capacity of 12V

The battery is specifically designed for starting purposes. Therefore, you are assured of incredible starting power once you get yourself this battery. With all its specifications, the battery has amazing and reliable power, thus leaving you with no worries when it comes to engine cranking.

The upside to this battery is, you need not add water to the battery or monitor electrolyte levels because it is designed to be maintenance-free. Thanks to Econcraft manufacturers for such an amazing battery.

The battery is also a perfect fit because it is a budget-friendly battery. In case you need a durable battery, and your pocket is a little bit shallow, then this storm should be your choice number one. The battery is reliable and can be used in many vehicle models, thus making it a good replacement battery for your Hyundai Sonata.


  • The battery is reliable in terms of power production
  • It reduces you the maintenance costs
  • The battery is safer


  • The batteries warranty is limited

3. ACDelco Advantage Battery (Group Size 124R)

Are you looking for a break-resistant battery and most durable battery? Then ACDelco 124R is the best choice for you. This long-lasting battery is designed with strong envelope separators. Their terminals are also resistant to corrosion since the battery is a maintenance-free unit.

Likewise, this battery is equipped with integral gas separators not to forget the flame arrestor situated in the vents to ensure no damage is done to the battery in case there are outside sparks.

This is unique because of the premium tech employed in its metal alloys, the chemical combination and its robust design that ensures the battery is a high-performance unit.


  • The battery has a weight of 37.6 lbs
  • It has a reserve capacity of 130 minutes
  • This battery cranking amps are 750
  • It’s cold-cranking amps are 630

This battery is an amazing unit because its terminal design renders the battery leakage-free, corrosion-resistant, seepage free thus allowing the terminal posts to be clean all through because of the corrosion free nature.

The batteries electrodes are made of lead-calcium alloy, which ensures the battery’s cycle life is optimized and reduces the amount of water lost to ensure the battery is long-lasting. These alloys are also fitted with a special paste to ensure the battery’s performance is optimal.

Because of the envelope separators, the battery is known to be short free to ensure maximum power reliability. This battery is completely sealed on three sides and has envelope separators that are made from polyvinyl chloride.

Technically, the separators are made to be resistant to any damage because of their back web rib design that ensures the electrolyte diffuses efficiently from plate to plate while preventing contact from each plate.

The battery design ensures the acid circulates maximally, thus maintaining the battery’s temperature, which plays an important role in keeping the battery durable. To ensure the battery is a quality unit, the manufacturers employ several control checks.

The downside associated with this shower is, the battery is made of lead and calcium alloy. The lead components used to make the battery are known to be potential sources of cancer, and they may cause birth defects. Therefore, there is a need to wear protective clothing when handling this battery for safety purposes.


  • The battery is designed with many control checks to ensure its quality
  • It is equipped with a high-density paste to increase performance
  • The battery is leakage-free because of its terminal design
  • The battery is short free because of the envelope separators
  • It is designed to be maintenance-free
  • The battery’s terminal posts are free from corrosion
  • The battery has an increased cycle life
  • It has an incredible reserve capacity


  • The lead components used to build the battery are known to cause birth defects and cancer

Final Verdict

Your vehicle’s performance is determined by the type of battery you have installed under your hood. In case your battery goes bad, then you need to replace it as soon as possible. This article reviews the best three replacement car batteries for Hyundai Sonata. The choices will never disappoint you.