5 Best Group 49 Batteries Review in 2021

In case you own a posh vehicle, a powerful truck or marine vessel, these kinds of auto need a lot of power, which means you should have the best battery that supplies the necessary power. Therefore, the group 49 batteries are the kind of batteries you need.

In this article, some of the best group 49 batteries have been discussed. There is much concentration on the battery’s basics and what makes them fit for the purpose. I use different criteria when researching, so worry not since the products discussed are worth serving your vehicle’s power needs.

What Is a Group 49 Battery?

These are batteries that have a long period of usage. They are widely used in passenger vehicles, vans and trucks. If you own a Mercedes, then this is the type of battery you need. With its great cranking amps, it offers you the best starting power your vehicle needs. According to BCI, they measure 381 X 175 X 192 mm.

These batteries are designed with different chemical compositions and cell types. With their popularity, in most cases, they were used as OEM batteries.

Below is a list of the top-rated batteries in the current market:

  1. ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery
  2. Delphi MaxStart BU9049 AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 49
  3. XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery
  4. Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery
  5. Deka 9AGM49 Intimidator Battery

Top 5 Best Group 49 Batteries Reviews

Currently, the auto world is growing into a more competitive and digitized market. In that concern, there are a lot of group 49 batteries from different manufacturers. This means that you should have basic knowledge about the battery type you need when selecting a battery to replace the one you had.

However, you may know about batteries, but selection criteria is essential. Fret not because, in this article, all has been done for you! Extensive research is done on an alley of products from which the best five are chosen.

I base my research on the durability, performance, pricing and credibility of the brand. With all those considerations, it is quite sure that the battery selected fits the group and is worth it. After spending some hours on research, here are my top 5 options.

1. ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

This battery is best rated when it comes to cycling abilities. This is because they have a remarkable charging rate and work best when you need a battery to start and stop applications in your vehicle.

Its AMG design makes the battery leak-free by ensuring the electrolyte is well enclosed within the mat separator while maintaining free flow from cell to cell.

Incredibly, the battery has an oxygen recombination capability, making it better to reduce water loss while ensuring that you need not carry out maintenance practices on it. Below is a list of some incredible features that come along with the battery.


  • It weighs 58.6 pounds
  • The battery measures 13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches (L X W X H)
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a three years warranty
  • Its CCA is 900 Ah
  • It has a reserve capacity of 90 minutes

After taking a keen look at the features listed above, you must agree that this battery is the beast you need for your day to day operations while on the road. This battery is certified to ensure that your vehicle’s power supply needs are catered for. In case you need to make a battery replacement, this is the kind of battery you need.

This is an accredited battery that helps many applications like auto and other recreational utilities operate. Its leakproof nature makes it even more incredible. It is also designed with an envelope separator that ensures the circulation of acid in the battery increases, thus keeping the battery cold.

There is also awesome tech used in this battery, whereby there is oxygen recombination ability. With this technology, the battery can reduce electrode mass loss, which increases the battery operation in the whole year. The battery is also designed to be rust free; thus, you can work with this battery for quite an extended period.

The ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive battery has a long life usage period when compared to conventional batteries. This is achieved through the sense that their plates have maintained pressure to decrease the loss of active mass volume inside the grid.

Its performance is excellent because of an alloy from silver and calcium. On the other end, the calcium lead positive terminal ensures a vast surface area, which improves the conduction rate while reducing the battery’s internal resistance.

This battery has a reserve capacity of 90 minutes with an ACC of 900 Ah. Therefore, you should not have issues with recharging. It has got you covered! Similarly, it would help if you did not worry about shorts because the battery is short tasted.

Despite having the incredible features, you need to have a professional assisting you in installing it if you are an armature upon purchasing this battery. Another critical point is to ensure the battery is a perfect fit for your car.

In general, the batter has an amazingly incredible and long-lasting system that ensures your car performs consistently.


  • The battery is corrosion free
  • Its GM design is long-lasting
  • It is free from leakage
  • It operates n multiple devices
  • It has a high-density paste


  • The battery is not only large but also heavy
  • When using the battery for electrical system power supply, it may reduce the battery’s shelf life

2. Delphi MaxStart BU9049AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 49

In case you are looking for a battery replacement for your vehicle that covers a wide range in CCA and RC, say no more! This is the battery that suits you. Its incredible cold-cranking power ensures your vehicle starts when you need it to.

The reserve capacity ensures that all your electrical appliances operate efficiently without failure. Their lifetime is two times more than conventional batteries, not forgetting to mention its incredible resistance to vibration, which is twenty times higher.

Below are the features of the Delphi MaxStart BU9049 AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 49.


  • It weighs 58 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 13.9 x 6.8 x 7.5 inches
  • Its CCA is 850 Ah
  • It has an RC of 170 minutes
  • Has twenty times resistance to vibration

Thanks to Delphi manufacturers for designing such a fantastic battery, which maintains a high-performance rate with its exciting specs. With this battery in your possession, be sure that all the electrical appliances in your vehicle are efficiently powered.

Because of its AMG design, the battery stands a chance of recharging faster and maintaining a long time cycle life compared to traditional batteries.

It also has enticing features like power outlets for other electronic devices, safety to electricity, and other convenience features. Likewise, the battery is tolerant of deep discharge and stands a chance to recover fully.

Its incredible CCA of 850 amps ensures the battery produces efficient power to ensure the starter motor and ignition system work reliably even when the weather conditions are extreme.

Recent vehicle models are equipped with many appliances that need a steady power supply, which is why you need the Delphi MaxStart BU9049 AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 49, because of its excellent reserve capacity.

The unit is well sealed and resists any corrosion nature. This means that your battery remains in a healthy working condition for a while. Another incredible feature is that the battery is twenty times more resistant to vibrations than conventional batteries.

When it comes to installation, the battery can be installed in any direction. The direction of installation doesn’t interfere with the battery’s performance level because it has a well-designed compression and well-designed holding straps.

Point to note! Ensure the battery you purchase is a perfect fit for your auto because once bought, it is not returnable. To sum up, this battery will serve your power needs to the maximum without failure.


  • It has a long shelf-life
  • It can power all the appliances in your car
  • It has high power output
  • For safety purposes, it’s fitted with handles on both sides
  • Its housing is resistant to corrosion


  • Once you buy it, you cannot return it

3. XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery

Are you in ownership of a European model vehicle and need a perfect OEM replacement for your vehicle? The XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery is the perfect choice for you. It will offer the most incredible starting power and power needed for your appliances.
Here is a quick and straightforward overview of its specifications.


  • It weighs 59 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  • It has an amperage hour of 80 Ah
  • Is CCA is 965
  • It has a total voltage of 12 volts
  • Its capacity is 4000 A
  • It has a reserve capacity of 168 minutes

This battery is also known as the L5 and is a perfect fit for your SUV and any other luxury vehicle you own. These vehicles have many appliances that need a steady power supply, which is the main reason you need this battery.

Its AMG design ensures that the battery is leakage-free to ensure you are safe from any hazards. This battery‘s exterior is made of strong plastic to offer resistance to vibrations and shock to fit your heavy-duty vehicle perfectly. Similarly, the robust battery casing is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

You can install this battery in any direction because it doesn’t have external openings and a leakproof design. The battery is designed to boast a tremendous reserve capacity, which offers you the best power in the course of your journey.

With a decent CCA of 1075 amps, the battery offers the most potent charge needed for cranking for your SUV engine. It also works better, despite the harsh weather conditions. There is a three-year warranty offered once you buy the battery. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the battery’s shelf life.

To sum up, this battery is a reliable source of power and a perfect fit for your SUV replacement battery. You can also use it as an additional unit for the supply of extra power to boost your vehicle’s performance. As always, before purchasing a battery, make sure it is compatible with your vehicle.


  • It has a long shelf-life
  • It is free from leakage
  • It offers you the liberty of multi-directional installation
  • Offers a lot of power needed for high performance of your vehicle


  • This battery is not the right choice for long-term purposes
  • It would help if you always had a torque wrench when putting the terminals in place

4. Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery

This battery is designed to supply the power needed by your vehicle’s accessories to keep them running. When it comes to matters concerning deep cycling abilities, long service time and reliability, the Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery is the best choice for you!

The batter’s cold-cranking amps are slightly less, and it’s RC too. Otherwise, this battery is a perfect choice for your vehicle in daily operations.


  • It weighs 62.8 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 6.8 x 13.8 x 7.4 inches (L X W X H)
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a painted exterior
  • It has a fast recharge rate
  • It has a long shelf-life

This battery brings an end to your long search for the best battery for your vehicle. Made of lead-acid, the battery is a cost-effective unit. It ensures your vehicle’s power supply requirements are taken into deep concentration to ensure your vehicle’s engine’s continuous running.

The battery is made of virgin lead plates and a robust plastic exterior to ensure its long-lasting. When you compare the power produced by this battery to traditional batteries, the Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery produces power two times stronger because of the lead plates.

The battery can withstand up to 400 charges without having a memory effect. The thin nature of the lead plates offers a large surface area, thus producing increased power to your vehicle. The battery is leakage-free; thus, there is no need for you to maintain it periodically.

Similarly, the battery is rust-resistant, also another factor that makes it long-lasting. There is no need to worry about matters concerning vibration resistance because it offers the best resistance ever.

The battery has a combination of deep cycling abilities, extended service life and remarkable reliability. It has the highest CCA of 950 amps and a reserve capacity of 160 minutes, making it an outstanding battery among its competitors.

The battery has a four-year warranty that comes with a full replacement on occasions where a potential problem occurs. It also has an excellent shelf-life ranging from 3 to 10 years. For long service time, reliable energy outputs, and deep cycling abilities, choose no other model other than this battery.


  • Has a long-term shelf life
  • Never disappoints when you need optimum performance
  • It is leakage free


  • The battery is massive

5. Deka 9AGM49 Intimidator Battery

This battery is equipped with an enhanced electrolyte suspension system because the unique glass mats are designed to absorb a large amount of electrolyte. The battery is safeguarded by the incredible vibration resistant nature.

It’s specifically designed to supply power to all appliances that need the power to keep them operational. If you own a BMW, Audi and an SUV, this battery is a perfect fit for your vehicle.


  • It weighs 5 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 13.9 x 6.8 x 7.5 inches
  • It has a CCA of 580 Ah
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • Highly resistant to vibration

The above features enable the battery to be an excellent and reliable source for the power needed by your vehicle. The battery can be installed in any position because of its leakproof design, which also saves you the maintenance cost.

The battery is also designed with the oxygen recombination tech to ensure the performance is optimum all year round and reduces water loss. Recirculation is also highly maintained by making sure the envelope separators are not in contact with each other.

Because of its ability to resist intense vibrations, it’s suitable for use in sports cars, off-road and any other vehicle that may cause significant intense vibrations on batteries. It’s designed in a way that it’s twenty times more resistant to vibrations to ensure the battery performance is optimum.

Therefore, upon installing this battery, be assured that your factory-installed electrons will function efficiently without breaking.


  • Its internal features are well protected
  • The battery is durable
  • It’s highly resistant to vibrations


  • It is sensitive to overcharging

The Bottom Line

To sum, when you need a replacement battery for your vehicle, the above models are a perfect fit if your vehicle is compatible with group 49 batteries. Follow the above guidelines and get the best battery for your car.

The batteries discussed above are tested, certified, have a long-serving life, reserve capacity and ensure your vehicle’s performance is perfect. Grab one and enjoy a smooth driving experience.