8 Best Solar Battery Chargers Reviews

For many of us, we have been so attached and so dependent on our electronic gadgets that a low battery warning from our devices make us panic a bit especially if there is no power source where we can charge them. You can be away from your home or office, camping outdoors, or hiking in a park, what will you do then?

It’s great to know that nowadays, there are solar battery chargers that allow you to juice up your gadgets when you are outdoors. All you need is the sun. There are plenty of solar chargers in the market. The task now is choosing the best solar battery charger that can also be used for your RV as well.

We will help you with that by sharing with you some of the top performing chargers today. Let’s begin with the first one.

Wildtek Source Solar Charger

This charger is very efficient and was among the best portable solar charger 2016. It is portable and waterproof as well. You can easily charge your gadgets regardless of where you are. This solar charger is compatible with so many devices because of its USB ports.

The charger’s solar cells are super efficient so you can expect that your devices will be recharged faster compared to similar models. This solar charger only measures at 6.6×12.4×2.2 inches with a weight of only 2.1 lbs.

You can lay it flat when you need to use it and then you can fold it right up for easy storage and portability. It has a stand built into it so you can get the right angle where it can get as much sunshine so you can charge your gadgets faster.

It can be stored conveniently in your backpack. You can also clip it onto your bag since it has carabiners included. It is IP65 rated so you can expect it to be waterproof as well as dustproof.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 6.6×12.4×2.2 inches
● Weight: 2.1 lbs.

● Efficient, compact, and lightweight
● Compatible with many devices
● Waterproof and dustproof


X-Dragon Solar Charger

The X-Dragon Solar Charger is a 40w charger that gives you 2.8 amps of power that can charge your tablets and smartphones, and even laptops. There is a 5v/2A port for charging built into it as well for gadgets with 5v.

It also has an 18v DC output where you can charge your laptop and other devices of 18v. It is also among the best portable solar charger of 2017.

You will be happy to know that with this kind of power, the charger doesn’t have to be too big. It is foldable and slim. It is also very easy to carry with you. You can place it inside your backpack or hook it using the carabiner included with it.

The charger has 10-in-1 cables that allow you to charge a wide array of devices. Incorporated with the charger is the SolarIQ technology that aids in achieving the right voltage and current so that it can deliver the maximum amount of power.

The X-Dragon Solar Charger is a great combination of power and portability, and you can rely on it whenever you are outdoors.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.8 x 3.3 inches
● Weight: 14.4 ounces

● Can charge your laptop with it
● Has SolarIQ technology
● Can charge several devices


Voltaic Arc Solar Charger

This one is backed by a battery of 19,800mAh. It has a system of 20w and can readily charge any device that you have. The charger is scratch-resistant and waterproof. You can charge your laptop fully with it in just 6.5 hours. As for your smartphones, they can be charged fully in just under an hour.

The Voltaic Arc Solar Charger weighs at 3.25 lbs. It may not be as light as the others, but it is still easy to carry around. It measures at 7.5x10x.8 inches so it is still compact and can be placed in your bag.

The battery life of the charger can provide enough power to charge a laptop completely, up to seven charges of smartphones, two complete charges for an iPad, and 3.5 charges for DSLR batteries. The solar cells of 73-watt can be charged completely in just about 6.5 hours.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 7.5x10x.8 inches
● Weight: 3.25 lbs.

● Scratch-resistant and waterproof
● Can be used to charge your laptop
● Fast recharge at just 6.5 hours


Jetsun Solar Charger

This charger is designed for all types of campers out there. The Jetsun Solar Charger can readily help you in providing your power needs. It has a 16,750mAh battery as well as a solar panel that is very compact.

Its USB ports allow you to charge your portable devices such as your tablets and smartphones. The charger has an LED light built into it which you can use as a nightlight. It can also show you how much power is left in your power bank.

The charger’s shell is made of plastic that is wear-resistant and also dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. It will take about eight to ten hours to be charged fully. When it comes to charging your devices, you can expect the Jetsun Solar Charger to charge your smartphone completely in just two hours.

This charger is durable and portable and can easily be clipped on your backpack so you can continue charging while you’re out hiking.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches
● Weight: 11 ounces

● Great for campers with its compact design
● Has LED light that can be used as nightlight
● Wear-resistant, dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof


Dizaul Solar Charger

This charger has a very convenient portable design. As a portable solar charger, you can easily charge your smartphone with it. It has USB ports so even your friend or companion can have his or her smartphone or tablet charged at the same time.

The Dizaul Solar Charger is waterproof and shockproof so you can travel with it even if it is just clipped onto your backpack. A hook is included with this solar charger so you can attach it to your bag.

With this solar charger is an emergency flashlight so you can use it at nighttime while you are out camping. There are also LED indicators that can warn you if it needs to be recharged which can be completed in about six to seven hours.

It will only take about two hours to recharge your smartphone with this solar charger. This charger has a measurement of 2.76×5.59x.55 inches.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 2.76×5.59x.55 inches

● Can be used to charge devices at the same time
● Waterproof and shockproof
● Has LED indicators if it needs to be recharged


Nektech Solar Charger

This charger is a favorite among hikers. It is very compact and portable. You can use it while you are out hiking on the trail. With its USB ports, you can charge your smartphones and your tablets wherever you may be.

Another great feature of this solar charger is that it has an IC chip. This technology allows the solar charger to identify the devices that are plugged into it so that it provides the right charging speed which can be 2A or 3A. This makes the most out of the battery life.

As for the quality of the built of the solar charger, it has a tough exterior which is perfect for use outdoors. Rain or shine, this charger is ready to be used. It measures at 6.3×11.1×1.96 inches with a weight of 18 ounces. When it is opened, its measurement is at 26.3×11.1 inches.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 6.3×11.1×1.96 inches
● Weight: 18 ounces

● Great for hikers who are always on the move
● Has IC chip that identifies devices connected to it
● Provides just the right amount of charging speed


Sokoo Solar Charger

This one is the best water-resistant solar charger on this list. It has PVC fabric canvas which allows it to stay dry from high humidity and rain. It also has a Smart IC circuit that makes the most out of the battery life with the use of USB chargers. It can determine what type of device is connected to it so it can provide the right amount of power.

The Sokoo Solar Charger has a max charge of 2.4A on the 5-volt port or 3.3A. When opened, it measures at 12.2×6.69 inches and weighs at about 17.5 ounces. It is compact and ready to be taken wherever your next adventure may be.

The charger has an attachment hook included so you can just connect it with your backpack while you are out on the trail or even when you are just walking downtown.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 12.2×6.69 inches
● Weight: 17.5 ounces

● The best water-resistant solar charger
● Has PVC fabric canvas
● Has Smart IC circuit that identifies the devices connected to it


Aukey Solar Charger

As for the most durable solar charger, this one is the best. With an industrial-strength design, it is tough and can be used anywhere. It has highly efficient solar panels and can deliver up to 2.4amps for each of its ports.

Overall, it can provide 4.8amps when it is being powered by direct sunlight. With its 28W solar array, it is able to provide power for two devices at the same time.

The charger has a PET laminated solar panels that are scratch-resistant along with a weather-resistant and water-resistant PVC fabric. It is very lightweight and compact at just 2.1 lbs. When folded, it is just 1.8 inches thick.

You can use this solar charger when you are out on a hike, or you are camping. Simply attach it to your bag using the carabiners included with the solar charger. You can charge while you are on the move.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 1.8 inches thick when folded
● Weight: 2.1 lbs

● Has PET laminated panels that are scratch-resistant
● Has PVC fabric that makes it weather-resistant
● Lightweight and compact


What to Do Next

There you have it, the top solar chargers in the market. All you have to do now is to choose the best solar battery charger for your needs. If you have more questions about solar chargers or other brands that we weren’t able to include here, don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll provide you with more information about them.

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