Can You Return A Car Battery To Advance Auto Parts?

Today, Advance Auto Parts is one of the most recommended stores across the US. It’s acknowledged for having one of the largest stores. When it comes to auto parts, service delivery and pricing, the store wins. It’s for these reasons that most drivers rely upon the store when it’s time for a replacement. When it comes to battery buying and stuff, there are occasions when one may need to return the bought battery.

Can you return a car battery at Advance Auto Part? Yes. The store has a return policy for the items bought in their store. It allows shoppers to return accessories such as car batteries bought within their convenient stores within 45 days after the purchase.

What Do You Need to Return the Battery Bought At the Store?

As said earlier, Advance Auto Parts has a return goods policy, and that allows buyers to return goods bought at their locations, any time. However, for the goods to be accepted back, you need first to present the battery obtained from their locations. The store must confirm that the battery brought back is what you had picked. You must provide proof of purchase to be sure that you’re the individual who acquires the item.

The return policy works even better for batteries that are returned for warranty. You may have the battery exchanged or refunded based on the warranty. However, for all this to happen, you may be required to provide the proof of purchase supported by your identification.

The guys from the store may record the details of your identification card for future references. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried when they ask for one. The entire doesn’t take an extended period. The fantastic thing is that the staffs from the store are very friendly and helpful during the process. Therefore, you won’t have trouble undertaking the returned task.

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4 Reasons Why You May Return the Battery

There are many reasons why you may be forced to bring back the battery they just bought from the store. Some of the reasons are acceptable. You must have in mind that some reasons may not qualify for a partial refund, for instance, or exchange. Say the incidental damages on the battery, for example. Such acts don’t qualify for the return policy.

Also, the plan doesn’t cover for loss of interest regarding the battery. Say, for instance, you acquired the battery from one of the locations, only to lose some interest in the battery bought. The store doesn’t guarantee to cover for such incidences. However, there are many genuine reasons why one may decide to return the battery at Advance Auto Parts. They include:

1. Incorrect Sizes

By now, you likely know that batteries come in different sizes and groups. Say, for example, most cars use the cells from Group 27 and 35. Often, first-timers may get confused while choosing between the groups.

They may never understand which group matches their car. This kind of confusion often sees individuals head home with the wrong battery. The group size of the cell defines the physical measurements and capacity of the cell in question.

Therefore, picking a cell from the wrong group means that one may end up with a battery that doesn’t fit in your car’s battery compartment. Keeping such a cell may be a waste of time because it can’t be of help to your vehicle. It’s for such reasons that Advance Auto Parts allows one to return the battery for such inconveniences.

The store always advises the clients to consult with the staff in there to avoid such significant errors. The teams from the store are well informed, and that means that they can help you pick a battery based on the size that your car needs.

Also, the store recommends that one drives their car into the store while getting a new battery. This kind of arrangement ensures that you fit the battery before leaving. It saves time and inconveniences since there won’t be a need for returns.

2. Warranties

Every battery model has a lifespan. Most batteries in the market today guarantee three to five years of quality service. (Here is the resource). However, often, the lifespan may be shortened by things such as unexpected death.

The newly acquired battery may die on you even before one year is done. That’s where the warranty comes in the picture. When such an incident occurs, you can always return the battery at the store and have it exchanged with a new one.

You should take advantage of the warranties offered on the batteries sold at Advance Auto Parts. Some batteries come with warranties of even three years of free replacement. Therefore, it would be best if you didn’t allow these warranties to slip.

3. Wrong Order

Advance Auto Parts has both the online stores and the in-store pickup. Thanks to the online arrangement, today, you don’t need to drive to their locations. With a smartphone and some data connection, you can place your battery order in the comfort of your home. When ordering online, sometimes, the store may make errors with the deliveries.

You may end up receiving the wrong package. The store compensates you for such inconveniences, and that means allowing you to return the wrong delivery for an exchange. You don’t have to carry the burden for a mistake that isn’t yours.

4. Damaged Delivery

Batteries are delicate items and that require tender care. As said earlier, the store may have your battery delivered to your doorstep. At times, during the deliveries and stuff, your order may experience damages. As the buyer, you have the right to return the damaged battery and ask for a replacement or even a refund. You don’t have to take in a broken battery that may end up putting your life at much risk.


Returning a battery at Advance Auto Parts is acceptable as long as the return meets specific criteria. Explained in this article are four top reasons why you may have to return your new battery to the store for an exchange. Read through the entire article to understand which reason matches your situation in hand.