What Are The Best Car Batteries For Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki Swift can easily find an adaptable battery that could help with its efficiency and top performance. Many brands of cells are readily available for Suzuki Swift. However, it would be best if we could find the best batteries for this car make and model.

What are the best car batteries for Suzuki Swift? Based on the online reviews and feedbacks of battery users for Suzuki Swift, I was able to come up with a list of the best batteries that would go best for Suzuki Swift.

I can say that these batteries are the ones that are compatible and would maximize the power and efficiency of Suzuki Swift. The best cells for Suzuki Swift are Duralast, Optima, and Odyssey batteries.

These three batteries are among the finest in the market today. Read through each product description and that will give you more insights about the best battery for your Suzuki Swift vehicle.

I have gathered the finest and the best among the best of batteries in the world. I am pretty sure that you are not going to have any problems with these choices.

List of the Top 3 Batteries for Suzuki Swift

1. Duralast Platinum Battery 51-AMG Group Size 51 435 CCA

The Duralast Platinum Battery adapts the AGM design or Absorbed Glass Mat, which is specially made to provide you with an excellent combination of durability, power, and flexibility.

It delivers the maximum Cold Cranking Amps and reserve capacity. With Duralast, you can be sure that it is safe and reliable. It can power up all your vehicles electronic accessories. Suzuki Swift driving experience will never be the same again with a Duralast AGM battery.


● It is styled to give you the maximum cranking power and capability for deep cycle
● It is spill and leak proof for a safe maintenance-free capability
● Its advanced technology can provide the power demand for loaded electronic accessories
● It has a high resistance against vibration
● It has more and better cycles that also recharges fast
● It has twice the life cycle of other conventional batteries


● Warranty issues

Product Specifications:

Brand: Duralast
Model: Platinum AGM
Voltage: 12 V
Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 223 mm
Length: 238 mm
Width: 129 mm

2. Optima Battery D51 Group Size 51 450 CCA

Optima battery is one of the best battery in the world today. It holds a distinctive performance and efficiency when it comes to powering a vehicle. One of the best array to match with Suzuki Swift is this battery model from Optima.

It is known for its power and performance during extreme conditions. The best in cranking and starting job. It is a spill-proof AGM cell that you can easily mount in any position that you desired. It is also vibration resistant and charges faster than other standard batteries.


● It can give you twice longer life span than other batteries
● It can be mounted in any positions
● It can give cleaner and optimum power for your car’s audio system
● It is built and designed to stand against extreme conditions and vibrations


● Battery Failure after a few months

Product Specifications:

Brand: Optima
Model: YellowTop D51
Voltage: 12 V
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: 223 mm
Length: 238 mm
Width: 129 mm

3. Odyssey Battery PC925LMJT

Odyssey Battery also adapts the AGM technology or the Absorbed Glass Mat. These batteries are carefully engineered using a thin plate and pure lead technology. This flat plates are made with 99.99% pure lead and not from lead alloy.

And this is the reason why it can even be made thinner to fit better in the battery. Additional plates will result in a 15% more area for extra power. This design will increase its reliability and lifespan.


● It is designed to last three times longer than other conventional batteries
● It can last from three to ten years
● It gives protection against impacts and shocks that may cause battery failure
● It is maintenance-free. There is no need to add water


● Battery Failure
● Warranty issue

Product Specification:

Brand: Odyssey
Model: PC925 LMJT
Voltage: 12 V
Weight: 26 lbs

My Suzuki Swift Battery Died Overnight, Was it a Voltage Regulator Problem?

If your battery dies overnight when left for a long time, then you may have a short circuit. Double-check if you have left a light that is not visible from the outside. It could cause a parasitic drain. You may also try to disconnect your alternator for 12 hours or overnight.

If your alternator is a rebuilt, then it could have a leaky diode, and this would bring your battery down.

If your alternator is the one at fault and it will cause your battery light to go on. The electrical system may not have enough power for your car system to work correctly.

It will continue to drain until your battery dies down. Better to check your alternator or check your battery while your engine is running. It should read not less than 13.5 V.

Is it Possible to Jumpstart a Suzuki Swift?

Yes, just like any other car or vehicle, you can also jumpstart your Suzuki Swift. However, like what I always remind my readers and car owners, you should still practice caution when jumpstarting your vehicle.

There are so many dangers that may happen when you are jumpstarting a car. I would like you to avoid this incident.

Remember that lead-acid batteries can generate hydrogen gases that are highly explosive. It would be better to keep off from sparks, flames, and lighting a cigarette from the area where you are jumpstarting a vehicle.

Cables must be connected only to batteries having the same voltage. If at any case, you have come in contact with acid, either in skin or clothing, flush it with plenty of water. If it is eye contact, see the doctor immediately.

If the battery is already cracked or already leaking fluids, it is a sign that you need a new battery. The fluid coming from the battery may be dangerous to you and your vehicle. Remove the car immediately and do not attempt to jumpstart a battery that is already damaged.

If you are asking what the best car batteries for Suzuki Swift are, then refer to our recommendations here. The people have spoken, and they have voted for the three best batteries that would be compatible with Suzuki Swift. These are the batteries that would bring out the best in your Suzuki Swift.