The Best Motorcraft Battery BXT-65-850 Review

The battery industry has advanced significantly. Today, you will find different brands stocked in the auto shops around you. Every brand comes with unique models aimed at powering vehicles, boats, and other electronics. The Motorcraft cells are one brand that you can’t ignore.

Johnson Controls design Motorcraft batteries. The manufacturer is ranked among the top best domestic battery manufacturers. Motorcraft cells are known for delivering different versions of the cells, intending to satisfy people’s needs for electric power.

Their batteries are usually categorized into various classes, which include:

● Tested tough max
● Minecraft series
● A1 power series
● Commercial series
● Truck and SUV series
● Lawn and golf utility

What is a Motorcraft BXT65850 Battery?

In the ‘tested tough max’ category (the most common) you will find the Motor-craft battery BXT-65-850. Although all the batteries from this manufacturer are designed for extra performance, you should take your time to observe this battery.

When it comes to performance, this cell has a reserve capacity of up to 150 minutes, and that’s when it’s full to the capacity.

The BXT 65 series is one of the few cells recommended by Ford Motor Company for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. Talk of the design, this model has the best. It comes equipped with inter-cell welds, which help reduce the internal resistance.

As a result, the battery can give cold-cranking amps (CCA) of up to 850. Also, it has an optimized grid system that helps to boost the cold-cranking performance and current flow.

Most people believe that the cold weather is behind battery complications. Well, the cold can interfere with the battery’s performance, especially if the model has a low CCA.

However, did you know the hot weather is the reason why most cells die before their predicted period? The truth is that the heat from the sun combined with that from a running engine can evaporate the battery’s electrolyte.

It doesn’t matter if your battery is sealed or not. As long as the electrolyte levels are low, the battery will start to develop issues sooner or later. It’s for this reason that most cells start showing problems during the winter seasons as they are needed to provide high power to start the car.

For the Motor-craft battery BXT-65-850, problems arising from the heat are usually minimized. The battery comes with premium alloy grids to help with insulation. As a result, the battery is likely to conquer the hot seasons and, thus, a prolonged life.

Also, this model has some envelope separators. The separators help prevent the plates from direct shorting. As you’re aware, shorting in a battery can shorten its life or even kill it based on the impact.


The battery measures 12.03 x 7.47 x 7.63 inches and weighs 23.6 kg. It can give up to 1090 cranking amps, hence a perfect option for heavy-duty purposes. It is one model that you will enjoy as it is designed for use on both the road and off-road.

The battery comes with a polypropylene container, which is a robust impact-resistant substance. Besides, it has a special bonding paste, which prevents internal vibrations.

The cell also has a polypropylene cover, which helps with the insulation process, as well. Besides, the fact that the material is impact-resistance means fewer chances of electrolyte leakage.

The battery also comes with best in class (BIC) vent caps, which helps prevent electrolyte loss. All these state-of-art technologies mean that it’s a quality model that you can rely on for your commercial, marine, or industrial applications.

Transporting a battery from one point to another can be tiring, especially when the battery itself doesn’t have carrying handles. For this model, you don’t need to put a sweat. It comes with a comfortable carry strap. This means that you can easily carry the battery around in case you need to jumpstart another vehicle or power another machine.


Apart from the fantastic properties, the battery comes with a 36-month free replacement period. On top of that, every buyer gets 100 months limited warranty (unlimited mileage).


1. Can keep up with the hot weather. If your worry is the warm weather, with this battery, there is nothing to worry about. The battery itself is equipped with high-end technology aimed at fighting the heat. It comes with alloy grids that help with the insulation process. Besides, the polypropylene construction and case help a lot when it comes to keeping the heat away from the battery’s content.

2. Designed to last longer as opposed to other brands. When it comes to durability, the Motor-craft BXT 65 850, is known to offer one with a long service time. For instance, the cell has features that enable it to deal with the hot weather.

On top of that, it comes with the best vent caps, which helps reduce the loss of electrolytes. Besides, it has a durable construction, and that means fewer cases of damage that may arise from falling or vibrations from the road.

3. It’s light in weight. Weight is an essential thing to consider when it comes to shopping for a battery replacement. This model is exclusive as it weighs 23.6 kg. With a cranking amp of 1090 and a cold cranking amp of 850, the cell remains an ideal option for many buyers out there.

4. Has envelope separators. Cases of internal shorting are common among most battery brands. Luckily, the motor-craft model has everything under control. It usually has some envelope separators that help protect the plates while preventing shorts.

5. Highly-compatible. This battery can be used for various purposes, from marine stuff to industrial tasks. When it comes to cars, the cell can be used in most vehicles such as Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Peugeot, Ram, and Mazda, among many other models.


1. Costly. The price of this battery is usually a bit high for most interested parties who are interested in the good things that the cell can offer.

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