What Is Panasonic Whole House Battery?

well known japanese brand company. If you are interested in home solar batteries, you should definitely check out Panasonic Whole House Battery System or the LJ-SK84A. It is a battery system that has the lithium-ion technology. It includes several features where you can have control over your energy usage.

When Panasonic made an announcement about this battery technology, it was said that this system would be able to generate energy more efficiently in an environmentally-responsible way. This is a great response to the ever-increasing demand for energy.

How Does It Work?

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The battery system can store any excess electricity that has been generated in daytime through the solar panels. It can then provide an efficient and reliable base-load for households that have solar power systems during the peak hours.

This technology can benefit both the consumers and the energy providers because households will rely less on the grid and will also have lower bills for electricity. It is also a cost-effective solution to meet energy requirements rather than investing more in grid infrastructure to meet the growing demands for energy in households.

More About The Battery System

Panasonic is among the top companies that provide lithium-ion battery products. These are found mostly in consumer electronics like tablets and smartphones. It is now being used for residential power storage.

This house battery system from Panasonic makes use of lithium-ion technology which is designed to work together with home solar power systems. It can deliver 8kWh capacity and an output of 2kW.

The system can capture excess electricity that has been produced by the home solar cells so it can be stored and then used later. This greatly reduces power consumption during peak hours. Consequently, the energy costs for the consumers are reduced as well.

Charging The Panasonic House Battery

good for money saving house battery system.In charging the Panasonic house battery, it should take somewhere between four to eight hours. This depends on the available power that has been generated by the solar panels. It is worth noting that a slow and steady charger time can keep the temperature of the battery in check and will be able to prolong the life of the battery.

Consumers can expect that the battery life of the Panasonic house battery can last for at least ten years. It can reach up to fourteen years if it is used in the default mode though. A factor to consider is the depth of discharge of the house battery.

Modes For Various Uses

The whole house battery system from Panasonic has different modes for various uses. This can regulate the way that the battery is charged as well as discharged.

Here are the three modes that the battery system has:

Maximize Self-Consumption – with this mode, excess electricity can be stored during the daytime so that the power can be used at a later time.

Programmed charge and discharge – this mode lets users set a time for charging and recharging so that the battery will be charged or discharged at designated times.

Back-up – in case of power outage, electricity can be provided by the battery system to certain house loads. Consumers can set the minimum capacity for the battery.


The Panasonic Whole House Battery System is an exciting new technology that consumers should think about investing in. With its many benefits, both for the consumer and the environment, this battery system is leading the way to the future of power generation and responsible energy consumption.

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