Where To Buy A CMOS Battery?

Battery buying requires one to have basic knowledge of batteries so that they buy a good one for their computers. You should be aware of the computer’s ratings and go for one with similar ratings even if you are buying from an online store.

Where can I buy a CMOS battery for your laptop? You can get a good CMOS battery from your local store. Here you could also get the coin shaped 3V CMOS battery that is available in online stores.

CMOS battery are ideal for any computer, be it a desktop or a laptop. They offer a trouble free experience and come in a wide variety for you to choose from. A premium CMOS battery is a good choice if your computer has a huge demand of power.

What to Know About the CMOS Laptop Battery

A CMOS, complementary metal oxide semiconductor, battery is a small battery that is connected on the motherboard of the computer. Its lifespan is approximately ten years. You should also know that for the CMOS battery to last long, the computer has to be working regularly. This is because the power supply to the computer provides standby current which prolongs the life of the CMOS battery.

The CMOS plays a vital role in storing the computer’s hardware configuration settings. It also functions as to keep records of the date and time every time the computer is switched off.

In the case that the computer is not used regularly, the CMOS battery might not be reliable for more than thirty-six months. Some may even not be in good condition past the two-year mark and this is a result of poor maintenance.

The Computer BIOS

One role of the CMOS is to record useful BIOS information. What is meant by the term BIOS? BIOS are initials for Basic Input/output System and it is the program that a computer’s microprocessor utilizes to access the computer up and running whenever you switch it on. It also has the capability of managing data between the computer’s OS and attached hardware like the mouse, keyboard, printer, hard disc and video adapter.

When the computer is turned on, the microprocessor conveys control to the BIOS program. The BIOS boots up the computer while first checking to see that all the attachments are in position. Thereafter, it will load the operating system into the computer’s RAM that is from the hard disk.

The BIOS performs tasks like relieving the computer of duties such as remembering the address of specific hardware as it does this as soon as the computer is booted. The BIOS does this by recording a series of information that cannot be recorded by major parts of the computer. Hence the need for it to be in good condition every time the computer is switched on.

Why You Would Have to Replace Your Laptop’s CMOS Battery?

One may need to get rid of their old CMOS battery due to a number of reasons as indicated below. For starters, if you notice that the laptop keeps losing its date and time settings ever so often. This shows that the battery might be malfunctioning and not able to meet the power demands of the laptop.

If you receive an error or alert message, it might be a warning that the battery you have might be damaged. These messages are normally displayed when the laptop boots. You could get a “CMOS Read Error” message or a “System battery voltage is low.”

If any of the above messages is shown, then you would probably have to replace your CMOS battery. Early replacement is advisable as it enable the computer to recover and resume operating as normal. This is because the CMOS battery is in charge of some sensitive operations that determine the health and condition of the computer.

Whenever you have to replace your CMOS battery, it is important that the new battery is a good fit for the replacement. This can be seen in the specifications of the old battery such as the volts and other information that is indicated on its specs and definitions part. You also have to be careful not to damage the motherboard when taking out the CMOS battery.

What Ensues When a CMOS Battery Fails?

The CMOS battery plays an important role in the operation of a computer. When it dies, most of the settings will not work properly. For instance, the computer will not be able to remember its hardware settings and hence you will have complications when using your computer.

Settings of the computer tend to get lost every time the computer is shut down. This you will notice when the computer asks you to set the date and time every time you switch it on. Loss of settings may be severe to the point that it will have difficulties when loading the operating system.


The CMOS plays a vital role in maintaining the BIOS information that is quite important for the normal running of the computer. Therefore, its power source should be well maintained so that it can get its job done successfully and hence the need of a CMOS battery being in excellent condition always.

The CMOS battery is a battery connected on the motherboard of a computer and plays a vital role in its operations. You will realize that the life of your CMOS battery is prolonged if only you use your computer regularly.

Using the computer regularly provides power to the CMOS which makes it lively and capable of withstanding longer periods. As seen from the above description, it is one of the last components of your computer that you want to get damaged. You may end up having to deal with a computer that is unable to remember vital details and hence have a challenging time every time you switch it on.