Does Your Android Battery Drain Too Fast?

Find out the ways to extend your android battery life

Regardless of the brand of a gadget as long as you are an Android user one of the issues that you might be complaining about your android battery draining is too fast. You maybe wondering why your gadget’s battery is quickly depleted or drained.

Leaving you with a limited time to use your gadget it’s not connected to a power source. If you are one of those android users annoyed by this issue, don’t be disappointed about because it is a common issue of all android devices that can be easily resolved.

You might want to read along because in this article, you will learn real reasons behind this issue. And after explaining these reasons, it will also provide you with the things that you can do to fix it. In this article, i will be teaching you several tricks that you can do to extend your gadget’s battery life and allow you to use them longer without connecting to a power source.

These tricks will require you to tweak some settings of your gadgets and devices to achieve your goal, extend the period of use. By doing these things and reconfiguring your settings, the load on your battery will be reduced allowing it to last longer.

The Things That Requires A Lot Of Power

more power lasts longer the battery lifeBear in mind that your android battery is responsible for supplying power to your gadget and there are some elements or functions in your gadgets that requires a lot of power.

These elements forces your battery to work harder and allocate bigger amounts of energy for them to execute.

Some of these components are connectivity, lighting and background processes. So for you to extend the battery life of your gadget, toning these components by tweaking the settings of your device is required.

Once your settings are tweaked to tone the mentioned components down, the load on your android battery will be reduced that will lead longer usage. I know you are excited to learn these tweaks, so i will not keep you waiting and go ahead and tell you about these tweaks.

5 Simple Tweaks That You Can Use To Stop Draining Android Battery

First of all, there are a lot of apps, both FREE and PAID, that you can use to reduce the rate of battery drain. Using these apps is probably your best option. However, learning how to do the tweaks manually will allow you to understand how and why they are done. This will enhance your awareness and knowledge that will allow you to do it on any device regardless of its brand. So for you to learn these tweaks, take a look at the list below.

1. Turning The Mobile Data Off

As mentioned above, one of the components of an android device that requires a lot of power for is connectivity. So for smartphones and other devices that has this feature, turning it off if it is not in use will greatly reduce the load on your battery.

Leaving turned on while your phone is in your pocket will force it look for networks and send signals in the air. This will force your phone or the operating system to work harder which will require a lot of power that will eventually drain your battery. So make sure to turn this feature on only when you need it.

2. Reduce Automatic Sync

syncing is the one of the erason to die battery quickly Background processes also eats a lot of power because they are programed to run the whole time your device is ON. Auto Syncing is a background process that a lot of apps uses to check updates in regular intervals to keep you updated on your profiles and other accounts.

The Facebook and Messenger Apps are the perfect example for this, for these apps to keep you updated they run background processes that will fetch the information from your profile online. As this processes run require a lot of power since they are working on a certain time interval forcing your battery to supply power every time they work.

3. Adjust Your Device’s Brightness Level

brightness is killing the batteryBacklights are LED bulbs that are also powered by your battery. The brighter they are the more power they require. So adjusting the brightness level on your gadget into a setting that is comfortable for your eyes and enough for you to see everything will decrease the load of your battery.

I don’t know if you noticed, but when your gadget enters the power saving mode when the battery is nearly drained, the gadget starts to appear to be dark. This is because the brightness is set to the lowest and this is the basis of this tweak.

4. Close Some Unused Apps “Officially”

apps also cause to lose batteryWe know that some android users already tried closing apps to save the battery life, but ends up unsuccessful. Closing some of the unused running apps is really a way to save power, but it has to be done properly, otherwise the app will still run in the background.

In this case the app may seem to be stopped but it still runs in the background using some power. If you have several apps like this, then it will mean huge amounts of power.

To officially close an app on an android device, you have to go to SETTINGS, then select APP or APPLICATION MANAGER. Then select the app you want to close. Then on the following options tap on the button that says “force stop”. This will officially close the app that you selected and stop all the processes it runs on the background.

5. Location Feature Or GPS

using gps is leting your battery dies fastAnother feature that forces your android battery to work hard is the GPS or location feature. This feature is for updating your current location so it will keep on running on the background to make sure that everytime you sign in on your online profiles your locations is correct. So when this is turned on, it will auto the load on your device battery.


Those are some the tricks and tweaks that you can do if you are annoyed when your everytime your android battery is draining fast. All you have to do is to configure your device settings that will reduce that load on your battery that forces it to work hard. These tricks will not only extend your battery life but it will also allow you to use your gadget for longer periods of time.

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