Epsom Salt And Battery Chem Comparison

car is not moving due to having old batteryCar batteries or automotive batteries are responsible for supplying electrical current to our vehicles. The main purpose of a car battery is to feed the starter which triggers the engine to start. That is why most car professionals, auto mechanics and car guys always make sure that the battery is always in good condition, otherwise the car will be rendered useless. Having a dead or discharged car battery will either require you to buy a new one or attempt to revive it.

In this article, we will look closer at battery chem vs epsom salt. Your cheaper alternative for addressing the issue of having discharged or dead car battery. We will help you learn how to rejuvenate a dead automotive battery with the use of epsom salt and battery chem. We will also help you understand the difference between the two and compare them.

To fully understand the concept and basic principles of these two methods, you first have to learn the basics. So let’s start by understanding the main players involved in this issue. Let us first understand what causes lead-acid batteries to fail and then learn the methods that you use to fix it.

The Main Cause Of Failing Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-Acid BatteriesSulfation is considered to be the main cause for a lead-acid battery to fail or be unresponsive. It is a condition that happens over time or when a battery is left unused for a long time. When this condition takes place, the battery plates accumulate a build-up of sulfate crystals that prevents them to work and hold charge.

If this condition is not addressed, the build-up will eventually increase rendering the plates to be completely dysfunctional. Then it will lead the battery to die and be useless. This will lead you to spend a lot of money to purchase a new battery for your car.

Fortunately, there is the best place where you can buy an auto battery from Battery Man Guide. These alternatives come in two methods; either you attempt reviving your dead battery using battery chem or by using epsom salt. To learn these two methods that can be the more cheaper alternative to buying a new battery, just continue reading below.

A Brief Overview About Battery Chem

What Is Battery Chem?

For starters, battery chem is a green technology designed to recondition lead-acid batteries to boost performance and extend battery life. It is an American invention that comes in a form of a solid chemical additive that can be used in all types of vehicles. It is a very useful invention that will allow you to revive a dead battery which is a much cheaper option than purchasing a new one for your car.

How Battery Chem Works?

This solid chemical additive keeps the separator and the plates of a battery clean, keeping them in great condition and allowing them to work properly. Battery chem also protects the battery’s lead plates from sulfation. By keeping the lead plates protected from its common problem as it gets old and keeping them in great condition, it boosts the battery’s performance and extend its life. Giving it at least five more years to provide optimum performance.

This American invention can also be used to rejuvenate dead batteries, keeping you from spending more money in buying a new one. By doing the necessary reconditioning steps, you can use this additive to extend battery life and help you save money.

Cost Of Battery Chem?

The price of this green technology is below $20 which makes it a lot cheaper than buying a brand new battery which may cost $30 or more. So using this solid additive to recondition your old car batteries is a cheap and effective way of keeping them in shape, allowing them to provide optimum performance.

A Brief Overview About Epsom Salt

What Is Epsom Salt?

refurbishing your battery with epsom saltEpsom salt or Magnesium Sulfate is a chemical that has many uses and an extraordinary range of range of benefits to offer. It is used in various industries for a multitude of applications due to the benefits that it offers. Amongst the many uses of this chemical is to recondition car batteries, hence the “epsom salt battery myth” was born.

How Epsom Salt Reconditions A Battery?

For this method, a powerful solution is formed by mixing battery reconditioning epsom salt to water. The formed solution is then placed into the battery cells to eliminate or dissolve the build-up of sulfur crystals on the battery’s plates. This keeps the plates clean and protected from sulfation, which is the common problem of batteries as they age.

The epsom salt solution in the battery works by breaking down the build-up of sulfur crystal caused by sulfation. A condition that takes place over time or when the battery is left idle for some time. This condition prevents the battery to hold its charge, rendering it to be unresponsive then eventually die.

Car owners can use this method as a preventive measure or maintenance to keep the car battery in shape and boost its performance. With an epsom salt solution in the battery, it can prevent the build-up of sulfur crystals on the battery plates, allowing them to work well. You can also use this method to recondition your dead car battery to reduce the cost of maintenance. Not only that will enhance the performance of your battery, it will also extend its life.

Affordability And Efficiency?

Many car experts, car guys and auto mechanics prefer using the epsom salt solution for reconditioning batteries because of its affordability. This battery reconditioning method will only require you some time, basic knowledge, a bit of skill and patience to successfully restore or recondition an old car battery. With a little investment of time and effort, using this method will keep you from spending big bucks to replace your old car battery. (My NO.1 go to EZ battery reconditioning course shows you any battery can refurbished without spending lots of money).

Choosing Between Battery Chem And Epsom Salt

Identifying which is the better method between the two can be very challenging. Both battery chem and epsom salt are considered to be great solutions for reviving a dead battery. These two are also affordable and much cheaper than purchasing a brand new car battery.

They also offer excellent results when it comes to reviving a dead battery. These two methods can also be a used as the best preventive maintenance to boost the batteries performance and to extend its life.

However, you have to keep in mind that not all batteries can be fixed, especially if the battery is badly damaged and heavily corroded. So before attempting to revive a battery, make sure to check it for damages and corrosion to avoid frustrations. It will also help to recondition the battery the first time it shows a sign of failing.

So, when it comes to choosing between these two methods in attempting to fix a battery. My advice to you is to pick the method that you can easily get, especially in emergency situations. You can also pick the method that will be easier for you to complete. That way, you can get your battery issue fixed the soonest time possible.

Useful Tips For Reconditioning Or Reviving Old Car Batteries

If you are having some troubles or issues regarding your car battery and having some difficulties to decide what to do. And you can’t make up your mind if you are going to buy a new one or can’t choose the method to use in attempting to restore your old battery.

Here are some useful tips that you can keep in mind in addressing your failing or dead car batter below.

● Assess The Situation – If you are having an issue regarding a failing automotive battery, the first thing you have to do to step back and assess the whole situation. Consider the age of the battery, how long that it has been servicing your car, when was the last time the battery was reconditioned and other significant things that has something to do with your car battery. This will allow you to figure out the best steps to take like considering to buy a new one or to attempt to recondition it.
● Check Your Battery – One way that will help you decide if you need to buy a new one or the battery is still worth refurbishing is physically check the battery for damages, corrosion and other issues. If the battery is badly damaged or corroded, then reviving it may not be a possible option.
● Prevention Is Better Than Cure – Always keep in mind that preventing a problem to occur is always better than trying to fix the problem when the problem is already there. In case of a car battery, reconditioning it monthly is better than reviving it when it is dead.

You can always choose between battery chem or epsom salt for doing this, both of them very effective when it comes to fighting sulfation and both of them are very affordable compared to buying a brand new one.

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