4 Best Batteries for Toyota Corolla in 2021 (Price And Size)

Most Toyota corolla drivers agree to the fact that this vehicle is easy to maintain. Even though it doesn’t require strict maintenance, never should you forget that the battery is a crucial part of the vehicle which needs great attention.

In case your battery stops functioning, your vehicle’s performance is reduced to zero! This means you won’t be able to carry out your day to day operations.

Therefore, when you need a replacement battery for your posh Toyota corolla, you need the perfect fit for your vehicle. Even though the current auto market abounds a lot of battery models, this article has made it easy for you by choosing the best four models.

Here are the best batteries for your Toyota Corolla car.

  1. Odyssey 35-PC1400T Battery
  2. Optima Batteries 8020-164 RedTop Battery
  3. DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP35
  4. NorthStar Pure Lead Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35

After thorough research, above are the models that qualified to make it to top 4 batteries best for your Corolla. These models ensure your vehicle’s performance remains at bar in all their service time. Let’s have a detailed look into the batteries specifications.

Top 4 Best Car Battery for Toyota Corolla Reviews

All the batteries in this article are qualified to be in the list because the research was based on their durability, performance, power output, their price, and reviews from other customers who have used the batteries before. Therefore, in case you need to replace your Toyota corolla, you can confidently pick a model from this article. Without any further ado, here are details for each battery.

1. Odyssey 35-PC1400T Battery

Whether you use your vehicle for your day to day or emergency use, it’s equipped with onboard accessories that need a constant power supply for efficient operation. Therefore you need a strong battery power source, and the 35-PC1400T can cater for all your power needs.


  • Has a total weight of 50 lbs
  • Its dimensions measure 9.4 x 6.8 x 8.6 in
  • It has a CCA of 900
  • Its RC is 130 minutes
  • Has a total voltage of 12 Volts

In case you need a durable and high-performance battery, look no further other than this model. Your Toyota corolla’s performance will remain optimal once you have this unit installed under the hood. It’s a perfect choice for starting and deep cycling functions because of its high efficiency and friendly price.

In terms of safety, never should you worry because the battery is built with a stud design to resist vibrations once you are driving on rough terrains. Its plates are made of pure lead, thus the reason why the battery produces incredible power.

Also, the battery has excellent service and shelf life. It produces power twice that of its competitors and has a three times longer shelf-life. It’s also designed with the most recent technology to recharge at a fast rate since it takes four hours to be full of juice.

You should therefore not doubt this battery because even in shallow weather conditions, it can work efficiently. Thanks to the designers who designed with an incredible CCA of 900.

2. Optima Batteries 8020-164 RedTop Battery

This starting battery is designed to offer your corolla incredible power and ensure your car can crank even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Amazingly, it’s designed by use of spiracell tech, thus providing clean and incredible power.


  • Has a total weight of 31.7 pounds
  • Its dimensions measure 9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 in
  • Has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • Its RC is 90 minutes
  • Its CCA is 720

Assuming that you have fitted your car with a powerful audio system, a great DVD player among other accessories, then this battery is the best option for you because of its impressive RC of 90 minutes.

Safety first! The battery is designed with AMG, thus making it leakage free and extraordinarily resistant to vibrations. This makes the battery durable and relieves you of the maintenance burden. The spiracle design also supports its durability because the battery can withstand up to 300 cycles of charge. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Whether you need your car during the winter, the car will start when you need it since the battery packs an incredible CCA of 720. The downside to this battery is that its price is relatively high, but it’s worth the price.

3. DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP35

Your Toyota corolla needs a good AGM battery design that can work to the optimum even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Because of that, the diehard is the battery for you! It has all the power needed to crank your engine and keep all your vehicles accessories operating without failure. Here are some of its features.


  • It has a total weight of 19.1 kg
  • Its dimensions measure 24.8 x 17.5 x 22.6 cm
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • has a CCA of 650
  • Its reserve capacity is 100 minutes
  • Highly resistant to vibrations
  • Has a long shelf-life

This battery brand is a quality brand and to add on; the battery is equipped with unique specifications that make it outstanding and the perfect fit for your Toyota corolla hooptie.

Its housing is made to be twenty times more resistant to vibrations when compared to conventional batteries. This means that you should never be unsettled once you drive in a bumpy region because the battery remains well protected. This is achieved because the battery is leakage free and can be installed in any position.

Thanks to the DieHard manufacturers who equipped the battery with full-frame positive and negative terminals to minimize the chances of short-circuiting. Also, its electrolyte suspension system is advanced, which enables the battery to stand a chance of absorbing electrolytes while ensuring that all the battery’s internal parts remain intact.

On the other hand, once you purchase the battery, you are offered three years full warranty with free replacement. This applies immediately when the battery fails to function under normal functions. Even though it has the warranty, the battery will serve you optimally and will last for long.

4. NorthStar Pure Lead Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35

When you need a good replacement battery for your daily purpose Toyota corolla car, this is the best battery for you. It has impressive specs that offer your car the needed power and maintain the voltage your vehicle’s accessories needs.

The battery has a low discharge rate and a fast charging rate. You can store it for three months with juice and still use it in your operations on the fourth month without noticing any signs of failure.


  • It has a total weight of 49 pounds
  • Its dimensions measure 9.4 x 6.7 x 8.5 inches
  • It has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has cold-cranking amps of 740
  • Its total capacitance is 880 A
  • It has a reserve capacity of 115 minutes

The NSB-AGM35 is designed with flat electrode plates and suites all heavy-duty vehicles thus making it a perfect choice for your Toyota corolla. With its incredible CCA of 740, the battery will never disappoint you once you need to start your Corolla for daily purposes or during emergency cases.

It also operates optimally even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Also, it is designed with a leakage-free design, thus allowing you to drive with confidence in areas with rough terrain and also reduce the maintenance practice burden.

The NorthStar is made with a robust housing that is highly resistant to vibrations caused in the course of your journey. The battery casing is also resistant to high temperatures produced by the vehicle’s engine. The manufacturers also designed the battery with a strong handle to make it easy to handle.

Assuming that you are in the city where stopping and starting take place almost every moment, you need a strong battery to cover you!

The NorthStar is designed with excellent reserve capacity, thus ensuring you start or stop your car without failure. The reserve capacity also ensures other accessories in your vehicle experience continuous power supply for them to function efficiently.

What Are the Things You Should Consider When Purchasing a Battery for Your Toyota Corolla?

In the current generation where the competitive auto market has different models of car batteries, you need to take into account a lot of considerations so that you can select the battery that is the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Since most car batteries have a shelf life ranging from 3 to 5 years according to your driving nature, it’s not a guarantee that all the good batteries are a perfect fit for your Corolla. Your car dictates the type of battery that you need to install. Therefore, before choosing a battery to install under your hood, here are some key considerations.

1. The Battery Size

This is the most significant consideration! Most of the Toyota corolla vehicles use Group 35 batteries. It’s just a handful of models that come with different battery sizes whereby Group 51 is the other option. Therefore, you should be aware that the correct battery size should be a group 35 battery.

Therefore, this post recommends you to use batteries that measure roughly 230 x 175 x 225 mm. so; always, the battery you buy is a perfect fit for your car.

2. The Battery’s Shelf-Life

A high-performance battery has an incredible shelf life when you compare it to other models. Therefore, you need to purchase a battery that is durable as this will save you some coins.

Also, ensure the battery is highly resistant to vibrations and can work optimally even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, before you acquire a battery, ensure it withstands all these conditions.

3. Consider The CCA

This is the most crucial spec in any battery. More so, if you drive in too shallow weather conditions, you need to acquire a battery that has excellent cold-cranking amps. This will determine how quick and efficient your battery serves you in cold weather conditions with no disappointments.

4. Battery Price

Even though the best battery models are believed to have a high purchasing price, it doesn’t mean that they are better than the cheap ones. Don’t just purchase the cheapest battery; the greatest emphasis is to ensure that the battery you purchase is equipped with the most satisfactory needs that will ensure your Corolla’s performance is optimum.

5. Power Produced by The Battery

For those owning a Corolla, you all know that the engine doesn’t consume a lot of energy. It is the posh sound system and other onboard appliances that make use of significant battery juice. Therefore, if you install additional accessories like the inverter and DVD, you need an incredible source of power.

6. Maintenance Practices

It is good to know that there are two types of maintenance batteries. Some batteries are maintenance-free, while others are low-maintenance units. Therefore, when selecting a battery for your Corolla, the type of weather is the leading player in this section.

If you use your vehicle in sweltering climates, it’s wise to purchase a low maintenance battery because it allows you to add little battery water to facilitate its cooling. Similarly, this technique helps you to ensure that the battery serves for long under the hot climate.

7. Battery Warranty

When selecting a battery for your Corolla, you are advised to choose the one with an extended warranty that gives room for free maintenance.

Most warranties are measured by use of a prorated period and a free replacement period. The prorated period is included in the warranty to allow for partial reimbursement to the initial purchase value of the unit in a limited period.

Final Verdict

Most operations in your Toyota Corolla are much dependent on the power produced by the battery. Therefore, if you have a bad battery, your vehicle’s performance is significantly reduced. The important thing to do is acquiring the best quality and high-performance battery for your car and views it as a significant investment.

Always keep in mind that even if there are a lot of battery models in the market, not all batteries can be a perfect fit for your vehicle. This article has outlined vital considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a battery for your Corolla. Thank you!