How Many Hours Can iPhone 5 Battery Last?

How long will an iPhone 5 battery last?Are you one of those Apple product users that are still wondering how does iPhone 5 battery last. Either because your phone’s battery drains so fast or your device dies so fast when you are browsing the net, watching videos or playing games.

If you are one of those iPhone 5 or Apple product owners concerned about this issue and doubting apple that what they say about the device is not true. Worry no more, because this article will provide you all the information that you have to know about the device’s battery. To help you understand its behavior and the factors that cause it to drain quickly.

It will also help you understand your battery usage, provide you with the info on how to take care of your battery and useful tips to extend battery life. Allowing you to keep it in top shape and to help you optimize your device settings that will perfectly suit your lifestyle. Simple tweaks that will be configured according to your usage to minimize the load on the battery. To allow you to use the device longer and better.

Apple’s Claim To The Battery Life Of iPhone 5

To give you an actual or better picture of the actual battery life of the device. We will go back to the time when the model was about to be released. When the iPhone 5 unit was released in 2012, Apple claimed that the device’s battery would offer up to:

8 hours for calls even on 3G
8 hours internet use on 3G
8 hours on LTE
10 hours internet use with Wi-Fi
10 hours for playing videos
40 hours for playing music
225 hours of standby time

It was promising, considering the size and thickness of the unit. However, after purchasing and using the device, these claims seemed to fell short. Yes, it may seem that Apple fell short on its claims about iPhone 5’s battery.

But the battery life of the device depends on the usage pattern of the user. This simply means that the claims mention above are attainable if the user will be using the device for a specific function. If you are a type of user that uses your iPhone 5 for several functions, then its battery life will drain at a higher rate.

In reality, Apple’s claims about the iPhone 5’s battery life are true, and the rate of power drain is dependent on how the device is used. For a better understanding or to see it in a better picture, check out the phone’s battery usage. This will provide a good, solid example of how your device usage directly affects the rate of power drain of your battery.

Taking A Closer Look At Your iPhone 5’s Battery Usage

iphone 5 battery lifespanBasing from the information given above, your iPhone 5’s battery is capable of providing; 8 hours for handling calls even on 3G, 8 hours internet use on 3G or LTE, 10 hours for internet use with a wireless connection, 10 hours for playing videos, 40 hours for listening to music and 225 hours standby time. That’s entire battery life it has to offer; now we take a look at the battery usage in real life point of view.

Let’s say; you are an internet savvy guy who loves to listen to music while browsing the World Wide Web. Your phone’s battery will have a lot of loads allocated to playing music and to internet use. It will also depend on how are you connected to the internet, whether it’s through Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE. The rate of your power drain may still increase since 3G and LTE require more power compared to Wi-Fi.

You can also check the battery standby and usage time since the last time your device was fully charged. You can simply do this by going to “Settings”, go to “General” and then select “Usage”. From there, you can scroll down to the “Time Since Last Full Charge” section where you will see USAGE and a certain amount of time, and STANDBY with also a corresponding amount of time.

From there, the Usage time will tell you how long your iPhone 5 has been awake. Meaning, the device is active or in use whether it’s for a call, sending emails, text messages, listening to music, browsing the internet and even running some background tasks. While Standby is the amount of time, the device has been idle or switched on but not active.

Enabling The Battery Percentage To Keep Track Of Battery Life

You can also enable the battery percentage option to keep track of your battery life. This will add small battery icon on the top right corner of the screen that will indicate the remaining percentage of the battery still has left. It may serve as a warning to you when you have to charge your device.

3 Tips To Extend Your iPhone 5’s Battery Life

how to extend the iphone5 battery?Now that you fully understand how your device usage directly affects your phone’s battery life, you can now start to think of ways on how you can reduce the rate of power drain. It may require you to change the way how you use your phone or tweaks some settings to lessen the load on its battery. For starters, here are some quick and useful tips that you can follow.

● Using The Auto-Lock Feature – Setting an auto-lock interval will not only provide security for your device. You can also set the interval of this feature to shorter periods to configure your device to automatically switch off after the being inactive for the set time interval. The shorter the time interval set, the quicker your phone will switch off, which is better for the battery.
● Turn Off Auto Search For Networks – As we all know, one of the best features of smartphones is its connectivity. It is also one of the most demanding processes that your device runs. Automatically searching for available networks is a process that demands a lot of power and if it happens on a regular basis, it will surely increase the rate of your power drain. So turning this feature off will greatly reduce the load on your battery.
● Reduce The Brightness Of The Screen – Another way to extend battery life is by turning the “auto-brightness” feature on or by adjusting the brightness settings on your screen. This reduces the load on the battery because dimmer backlights only require minimal energy. You can easily do this by going to Settings, look for Brightness & Wallpaper, then turn on the Auto-Brightness feature.


If you are still wondering how long can an iPhone 5 battery last after reading through the entire article. Then the right answer will probably, it depends on how you use your device. The way you use your device will directly affect your battery life.

If you are the type of user that leaves everything on like Wi-Fi, LTE or 3G features of your phones while using to watch videos or to listen to your music. You can expect a shorter battery life because all of these processes put a lot of load on your battery.

Understanding and analyzing your battery usage will help you lessen the load on your phone’s battery. It will give you an idea of what are the factors that contribute to a higher rate of power drain and tweak your device settings to extend battery life. The tips listed above will also help you tweak your phone’s settings to reduce the load on the battery.

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