Orison Battery: A Cost-Efficient Way To Store And Use Energy

On this planet, our resources are finite. And for the past decades, consumers have become more and more aware of the need to conserve our resources for the benefit of the future generations. In spite the great efforts to do this, we are still facing issues on energy deficiency, especially with the continued use of fossil fuels.

It’s great to know that renewable energy is becoming more accessible for household use. Products such as Orison Battery is on the rise to provide a more cost-efficient way to store and use energy for household consumption.

What Is Energy Storage?

Energy storage is the ability to store power that has been provided by an energy source. This stored energy can then be used at a later time when it is needed. One example of the application of this technology is through Orison Battery. It is the only product in the market right now that has a plug and play system.

controling orison battery by using mobile app.You can store energy with this battery, and then you can control the time when you will be using it. The battery can be scheduled to recharge and discharge power whenever you need it. You can connect to the battery system using a mobile app so you can easily program the system based on your power requirements.

With the plug and play system of the battery, you can simply plug it into your power outlet, and you are good to go. It will then automatically store energy when the cost of power is lower, and then the stored energy can be used as needed. This also prevents any backflow.

Through this technology, household energy consumption can be reduced so that the demand on the energy grid is decreased during peak hours. As a consequence, households can save money in the long run while there is less of a need to invest further in the expansion of the grid system for the ever-increasing demand for power. (You can compare with tesla powerwall review).

Understanding The Orison Battery System

There are two parts of this system, the battery as the storage device and the smartphone app. The battery has built-in advanced lithium-ion battery cells. These are designed to last for a long time while being economical like Panasonic whole house battery system.

There are two designs for the battery system. The first is the Tower where it measures 34 inches high and nine inches wide. It weighs at forty pounds. Some of its unique features include an induction phone charger, LED light, and a Bluetooth speaker.

The second is the Panel. It measures at twenty-two inches in height and twenty-eight inches wide, weighing at thirty-eight pounds. It can be mounted on the wall. It also has LED light along with customizable skins.

Orison setup.
Credit : NEW ATLAS

The Orison Battery is an intelligent system. Each of the units can be connected to the Orison Cloud. This is an integrated network that utilizes data on usage profile, peak demand charges, blackout alerts, utility rates, demand charges, and other important information that is vital for the operating schedule of the battery system.

The Orison Cloud also functions by making the energy grid more efficient as it handles the irregular flow of energy. Here are some of the key features of this battery system:

● Utility rates and peak demand charges – the battery system has a load shift technology. This means that it can store energy when the demand charges decrease. When the demand charges increase, the stored power is then used. Users of the battery system can view the schedule of the battery’s recharge and discharge using a smartphone app.
● Weather, blackouts, and grid failure – with the Orison cloud, users of the battery system can be alerted to any power interruption. It can also scan the grid for any power failure. Users will be immediately notified about the schedule so that they can cut off the circuit where it is connected to. This way, no energy will backflow.

The smartphone app for the Orison battery provides convenience to the users since the time of charge and discharge can be determined and customized. It also makes managing the Orison battery units much easier if you have more than one unit. Orison made sure that this is an easy battery system to use for any household.


It is a good thing that today, we are seeing more and more of this kind of technology being made available for household use. This means that the more homes use products like Orison Battery, then there can be a lesser demand on the grid for power especially during peak hours.

As the technology becomes better, more accessible, and more affordable to many homes around the world, hopefully, more households will invest on it not just for the benefit of saving money from the power cost but also for the conservation of the planet’s finite resources for the generations to come.

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