Who Has The Best Prices Of Car Batteries?

Battery prices vary from one brand to another. Though the specifications are nearly the same, prices differ in terms of brand name and market value. As consumers, we want to get the value out of the money we paid for. A high priced battery is expected to deliver more compared to a cheap car battery.

However, the price should never determine the battery’s performance and quality. There are many low priced batteries but are made of quality standards. Be observant and see for yourself which battery is better and the best-rated battery.

Who has the best price of car batteries? Best priced cells depend on the factors that determine the price itself. Best price could be the cheapest battery in town, but you cannot guarantee of its performance and outcome.

Best priced could also point to a high rated battery but equally equated to quality and excellence. I am going to give you the list of the best-priced cells based on low priced and quality products. It is up to you to choose which one will benefit you in the end.

1. Odyssey PC 680 battery – priced at $123.40
2. XS Power D6500 – priced at $335.10
3. Optima Red Top Starting Battery – priced at $241.02
4. Vmax 857 – priced at $109.99
5. AC Delco 94 RAGM – priced at 186.51
6. Optima Batteries D35- $239.35
7. Diehard 38257 – priced at $199.99

I have gathered only seven best-priced batteries in town. I am going to give you the description later on, and it is up to you to decide which one is the best value for your money. There are many factors and considerations we should take into account before jumping into conclusions.

h-2: Do We Get What We Paid for in this Battery Prices?

Let us scrutinize the prices of these batteries and take a closer look if the price equates the quality of the battery’s performance.

1. Odyssey PC 680 Battery

Odyssey is the second-best priced battery second to VMAX 857. With that kind of price, here is what you are going to get.

• Cold Cranking Amp of 170.
• Battery lifespan of 3 to 10 years maximum.
• Fast recharge rate of 4 to 6 hours.
• No-spill design.
• Stable voltage rate.
• Flexible mounting.

2. XS Power D6500

This battery is the most expensive among our list of seven best-priced battery. I know many will be asking if this is indeed a reasonable price to consider. Well, here is what you will be getting.

• Cold Cranking Amp of 1070.
• Ah of 75.
• It is made of AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat.
• It is spill-proof.
• It is valve regulated and resistant to vibration.
• It has Ultra low resistance (internal).
• It can be mounted in any position.

3. Optima Red Top Starting Battery

This battery stands in between the lowest and the highest priced battery, Odyssey and XS Power. We all know the reputation of this brand name in the battery industry. Optima Red Top battery has gained that much trust and popularity among the people. Let us see if the battery price they give is reasonable enough for its power and efficiency.

• It has a Cold Cranking Amp of 170.
• It has a service life of three to ten years.
• It has 70% longer cycle life compared to other batteries.
• It has a faster recharge rate.
• It has a flexible mounting option.
• It has a spill-proof design.
• It is made to protect against shock and vibration.
• It can withstand all kinds of weather condition.

4. Vmax 857

This battery is the cheapest compared to the previous cells we have already mentioned. Among the list of seven best-priced batteries, VMAX is the most affordable in the list. However, we do not judge the performance of the cell because of its price. Being listed as one of the best-priced batteries would also mean that it carries along with it the quality and excellence we are looking for a battery.

• It is a maintenance-free battery.
• It is made from heavy-duty grids.
• It can provide extra performance and life, whether in float or cyclic applications.
• It works well even in repeated discharges.

5. AC Delco 94 RAGM

I could say that the price of this battery is mid-range. The price remains between the cheapest and the most expensive batteries on our list. Let us find out if it compensates the performance rendered to our vehicles.

• It dramatically improves performance and battery life due to the high-density negative paste.
• The silver calcium alloy increases the life cycle of the battery.
• Its calcium lead positive grid will maximize conductivity and low resistance.
• It has a robust envelope separator which works against power shortage and improves the circulation of acid in the battery.
• It has a vent cap design that works against acid leakage.

6. Optima Batteries D35

Optima batteries are not cheap and not expensive. But just like any other batteries in the list, it is one who has the best reputation when it comes to output and performance.

• It is a 12V battery.
• It has a Cold Cranking Amp of 620 and weighs 36.4 lbs.
• It has a 98 minutes reserve capacity.
• It can guarantee an optimum starting power even in extreme weather condition.
• It is fifteen times more resistant to vibration.

7. Diehard 38257

I can say that this battery can fairly compete with other brands in the market today. The brand name may not have the recall, but it is slowly making a niche of its own in the battery industry.

• It has 20 times more protection against vibration to safeguard the performance of your battery.
• It has a reserve capacity of 170.
• It has a CCA of 775.
• It comes with a spill-proof design.
• It has protection against electrical shorts.

All you have to do is weigh the considerations of the battery features and its price in the market. You may not necessarily choose the cheapest one if what you wanted is a powerful battery for your vehicle. Nor you wouldn’t have to buy the most expensive one if what you need is a pure battery to power up your not so frequent trips.

Where Can You Buy Cheap but Quality Batteries?

Cheap and quality batteries are accessible on any battery shops. But if you want to be sure of the cells you are buying, I will provide you with the list of places where you can get hold of cheap but quality batteries.

● Advance Auto Parts
● BatteriesPlus
● eBay Motors

Who has the best price of car batteries? Well, based on what I have presented, you cannot get everything, a low priced and an excellent quality battery. Match the price with quality.

If what you want is the price over quality then you can choose VMAX battery. If what you want is a reliable battery guaranteed to last longer, you gotta pay a little more, XS Power is the best for you.

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