Optima REDTOP Battery Review For 2019

Find out each model of RedTop battery and other topics.

Designed and engineered by Optima Batteries, RedTop batteries show the revolutionary and new technology of Optima Batteries. Optima has dramatically changed the way people look at batteries. Discover how this battery works for your vehicle. Experience the power and energy brought by the Optima RedTop batteries.

What Are Optima REDTOP Batteries?

RedTop Battery is another product line of Optima Batteries. Since it comes from Optima, you can be sure that it works more than what is expected. The SpiralCell technology which was first initiated by Optima will again be experienced in the Optima RedTop battery.

It typically outshined the other traditional batteries with a longer lifespan which is three to four times longer than other batteries. The good thing about this battery is that it uses high purity lead plates with glass mat which has a sponge-like absorption which works on the electrolytes.

RedTop Optima batteries can generate very high power with little resistance. Optima batteries like the RedTop are 100% zero maintenance.

Benefits Of Using Optima REDTOP Batteries

When you use RedTop Optima, you will get to experience the following benefits. You will no longer worry about maintaining your batteries and tending to it now and then because RedTop Optima will take care of that for you.

● RedTop Optima are two to three times longer than other traditional batteries.
● It is 100% maintenance-free.
● It is completely sealed.
● It delivers high-power output.
● It can withstand extreme weather like hot and cold.

List Of REDTOP Battery And Dimensions

Just like the other color top Optima batteries, RedTop Optima has other models too. Though they work almost the same, each model differs in the size and shape and the type of post they have. So you can have a variety of choices when it comes to RedTop Optima batteries.

Every battery sizes and shapes are considered to fit the necessary need of each kind and types of vehicles.


The Optima RedTop 25 is mainly created to give you that high-cranking ability that works even during a bad weather condition. RedTops are designed for heavy usage. It is the one used for hot-rods and off-roaders.

RedTop 25 is leak-proof and comes with a high-power and cranking ability. Like any other Optima Battery, it has this SpiralCell design that gives you a reliable and potent source. Having this SpiralCell will provide you and your loved ones with an added protection.

Having a higher reserve capacity means that it can give you a longer shelf life which can provide you with the power you always need.

Other features would be its mountability in any position that you desire. The most vigorous starting burst is one of the best features of this RedTop battery from Optima. It is also a fast charging battery that can keep you going all the time.


● Optima RedTop is a 12 Volt battery.
● It has a reserve capacity of 90 minutes.
● It can give you that optimal starting power even in bad weather.
● It has 15x more vibration resistance.
● It is spillproof.
● It is zero maintenance.


● This item is not available in the Catalina Islands.
● It has warranty issues.
● Battery’s shorter lifespan. (isolated issues).

Product Specifications:

Model: 25
Item Weight: 31.7 lb
Product Dimension: 9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 inches
Post Type: SAE Post
Voltage: 12 Volts


RedTop Optima batteries are more likely to describe as a standard battery. Compared to its counterpart, the YellowTop Optima, RedTop is more of a traditional battery with advance feature and technology carried on by the name Optima, the leading name in the battery manufacturing industry.

If YellowTop batteries power the heavy loaded vehicles with electronic accessories and gadgets, the RedTop merely works like an ordinary battery for a regular car. The only difference of RedTop with the other color of Optima battery is that since it is meant for a daily routine job, it requires much power in the startup.

RedTop Battery provides you with a potent startup engine so you don’t have to have problems about using your vehicle every morning or every time you have to go out.

With these impressive performances of the RedTop 35 battery, it is used more often by trucks, SUVs, streetcars, and others. Its spillproof feature is ideal for trucks and other automotive vehicles.


● It is another 12Volt battery from Optima RedTop.
● It has a reserve capacity of 90 minutes.
● It possesses an optimal starting power.
● 15x more vibration resistant.
● It can be mounted in any position.
● It is zero maintenance.


● Warranties are not honored.
● In extreme cases, some batteries lasted only for a year or less.
● It has inadequate customer assistance or after-sales service.

Product Specifications:

Model: 35
Item Weight: 31.7 lb
Product Dimension: 9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 inches
Post Type: SAE Post
Voltage: 12 Volts


All Optima RedTop batteries are manufactured with all the best intentions for its end users. Each model for RedTop batteries bears its similarities and differences. For a RedTop 34 model, it gives the same burst of power you need for starting up your vehicle.

RedTop 34 will be able to withstand all the hard launches you experienced every morning. With its powerful burst of ignition, it is proven that every vehicle it powers up will have every extreme corners and race established in every road it takes daily.

It is very reliable to use for trucks, automotive battery, and all the other applications. RedTop Batteries will outshine its competitors when it comes to cranking up the engine.

When you are using trucks and other heavy equipment, RedTop is the best choice for you. RedTop 34 uses an SAE post which is ideal for a conventional type of vehicles.


● It is a 12Volt battery, with an 800 cold cranking amps.
● The reserve capacity is 100 minutes for consistent performance.
● Starts and powers-up well even during a bad weather condition.
● Mountable in any position you desired.
● It is spillproof.


● Not for sale in Catalina Island.
● It has some warranty issues.
● Unable to hold a charge. (isolated case only).

Product Specifications:

Model: 34
Item Weight: 37.9 lb
Product Dimension: 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches
Voltage: 12 Volts


Optima RedTop 34R is an SAE Post type which will fit battery terminals from old car models. SAE is the first type of battery terminals ever manufactured. Optima still considers the need of its users. They make sure that each one of the vehicles will have a perfect fit for a particular Optima RedTop batteries.

Optima RedTop batteries bear the same specifications in terms of power and energy. However, they only differ in the size and shapes and battery terminals and clamps. Modern vehicles have designed their battery compartments differently. Optima would like to blend in by following the vehicle upgrading.

As a pioneer in the battery industry, they have to show that they are coping with the changes in technology and times but never forgetting the past by still retaining the old battery models and styles.

However, the power and advanced technology are found in every Optima RedTop batteries like their 34R model.


● It is a 12Volt battery and SAE Post.
● It comes with a reserve capacity of 100 minutes.
● It can start even in lousy weather using its optimal starting power.
● With 15x more vibration resistant.
● It is spillproof.
● 100% maintenance free.


● Not available in Catalina Island.
● Has some issues with the warranty.
● Slightly defective in some cases.

Product Specifications:

Model: 34R
Item Weight: 37.9 lb
Product Dimension: 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches
Post Type: SAE Post
CCA: 800 Amp
Length: 10.06 in
Height: 7.88 in


Optima RedTop 34/78 is built to withstand the hard work and abuse from trucks, 4WDs, and SUVs on and off the road. We all know how hard and tough these vehicles work on daily.

If the battery is not severe enough, it won’t be able to withstand the pressure and stress of going on a rough road daily. It is a dual SAE and GM Post type, which means you can use for both old and new battery terminal types.

Optima RedTop 34/78 is meant for the big vehicles that are used for robust everyday experience. For a tough job, it requires a battery that will equal the toughness. This Optima RedTop model will answer all your needs for a substantial duty job requirement on the road.

Like any other RedTop batteries, this specific model is spillproof for your protection. It is sealed to perfection and will never get any chemical erosion even if you install it on the side.

This battery is designed to accept all abuse of any forms. It can withstand extreme weather condition and still work correctly. If you want a battery that is reliable and durable at the same time, RedTop 34/78 is the right one for you.

It has all the specifications of a good Optima battery. You will never regret using this battery type. It is guaranteed to give you a longer lifespan. A name that has been marked in the battery industry, Optima battery will always deliver the best quality ever.


● It has an 800 cold cranking amps.
● It is a 12 Volt battery.
● It comes with a reserve capacity of 100 minutes.
● It powers up even during extreme weather condition.
● It can be ship in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.


● Some complaints about warranty issues.
● It barely holds a charge. (isolated case only).

Product Specifications:

Model: 34/78
Item Weight: 38.8 lb
Product Dimension: 12.3 x 11.4 x 11.2 inches
Voltage: 12Volts

Optima RedTop Batteries Life Expectancy

Many have been inquiring about the total life expectancy of an Optima battery, particularly the RedTop models. To answer that question, all Optima batteries regardless of color tops are designed to last for a long time.

The quality and efficiency are evident through the advanced technology used in manufacturing the batteries. Typically, an Optima RedTop battery last 3 to 4 times longer than a conventional type of cell.

However, the lifespan of a battery depends on how you used it. It still matters if you maintain it well or not. Even the perfectly designed battery may fail if you expose it to things that would be bad for the battery.

Isolated cases of shorter life span for Optima batteries have been recorded. Yes, it can happen, but this is only isolated cases, perhaps the owner has exposed or discharged the batteries to below 12.4 Volts. If these occur, even the best battery will fail. Excellent work and maintenance still count.


Optima RedTop batteries offer the following warranties, for a 6V and 12V passenger vehicle and light truck, they give a 36 months free replacement warranty.

Commercial vehicles will get a 12 months replacement free. However, if you take the model for abusive service and deep cycle applications, it is not covered by the warranty.

Are Optima RedTop Batteries Deep Cycle?

Yes, RedTop Optima batteries are deep cycle batteries. A deep cycle battery means you are using the battery in specific applications that will be able to discharge the battery for about 60 to 70% of its capacity.

Some automotive batteries are only SLI, which means starting, lighting, and ignition. By only starting a car you are already discharging it by 5%. If you use an SLI battery for deep cycle use, you are shortening the life of your battery.

RedTop Optima batteries are designed explicitly as deep cycle batteries which are meant to be abused and withstand pressures of road travel and exhaustion.

What Is The Difference Between RedTop And YellowTop Optima?

One of the fundamental difference between the two Optima batteries is their sizes. RedTop has a standard format that can be found under the hood of most highway vehicles. YellowTop is a cross of the RedTop and BlueTop. Both are designed to provide a good cranking start and a deep cycle function.

Both Batteries are found to be most useful for highway vehicles and RVs. YellowTop batteries are relatively small in size. YellowTop gains 10% in amp hour while the RedTop gains only 7% in CCA. When it comes to reserve capacity, YellowTop is slightly in favor with a 20% difference, while the cranking amp is higher for RedTop battery which is 15% higher.

When it comes to weight, YellowTop is more substantial for 4.7 lbs. Other than these differences, all Optima batteries are designed perfectly to perform and last for a longer time. The power that you draw from these batteries is undauntingly high.

You can read the full review on YellowTop Battery here.

Buying A RedTop Battery At Walmart Is A Good Idea Or Any Recommended Places?

Walmart offers an array of choices for shopping and batteries are included. RedTop Optima batteries can be purchased at any Walmart outlet and even in their online site.

However, Walmart is only a store where you can buy Optima batteries, and it will not install, charge or test your batteries. They do not have that option.

If you want a more in-depth service for your batteries, better get it from your trusted battery dealers.

Here are some of the Optima battery dealers, which can provide you with other extra services concerning your batteries.

● Autozone Car parts
● NAPA auto parts
● Advance auto parts

What If You live In Canada, Can You Still Purchase Optima RedTop Battery?

Yes, Optima batteries are now available in Canada. Canada Autoparts is now distributing Optima batteries, Canada can now enjoy and avail Optima batteries like the RedTop Optima Batteries.

Canada Auto parts can ship your batteries anywhere in Canada!

Best Charger For Optima RedTop Battery

Lead acid battery chargers are not all designed for a deep cycle battery. Choose a charger that is meant for a deep cycle battery.(Read my review for deep cycle battery charger). If you use other chargers for Optima RedTop battery make sure that it is a deep cycle charger.

Deep cycle charger handles special needs when it charges deep cycle batteries. To ensure excellent performance for your RedTop batteries, use the one that is intended for an Optima Battery. Optima Chargers are explicitly designed for Optima batteries.

Optima RedTop battery is a battery that is created and designed for heavy-duty vehicles. Like what I said mentioned, RedTop battery is meant to be abused. Each Optima battery responded to our individual needs.

If you are interested in learning more about this battery brads, then read my in-depth review of optima battery.