Review For Deep Cycle RV Battery From Costco

find a right costco deep cycle rv battery for you.

Finding the right deep cycle RV battery at Costco is like making a big decision on deciding who to date or picking the perfect partner to be with. You want to have a better half that will complement your character and keep with your attitude, right?

It’s the same in choosing a battery for your RV. You have to make sure that the power you will choose will complement the great features of your RV and keep up with its demands.

Like having a dater’s handbook, following a guideline will help you pick the right suitable power cell for your recreational vehicle. Since it will basically tell you what you want by providing you all the factors that you have to consider to make sure the battery can provide a sustainable amount of power for your RV’s electrical grid.

If you are feeling kinda lonely right now, I mean if you are looking for the right suitable battery for your travel trailer. You might want to stick around because we are going consult the “dater’s handbook” on how to choose the best suitable battery for an RV.

Unlike fairy tales, there are no happy endings when it comes to batteries. Regardless of their type, they will eventually come to a point where they will die. At this point, you can either purchase a new replacement or attempt to breathe your RV battery new life.

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Choosing The Interstate Battery At Costco

Photo by Interstate Batteries

Costco is worldwide distributor of Interstate Batteries suitable for boats, golf carts, lawn mowers, automobiles, and RVs. It is considered to be one of the best places where you can get reliable batteries for reasonable and affordable prices. It’s like a candy store that will you excited by offering plenty of excellent choices for lower costs.

About Interstate Company

Interstate Batteries is a privately owned firm that specializes in marketing different types of batteries manufactured by Johnson Controls, Exide Technologies, and others. These reliable and durable batteries are marketed through various independent distributors in an effort to reach out to their clients. The brand is considered to be a household name for providing top-quality batteries for lower prices.

Key Qualities Of A Deep Cycle Battery

Deep cycle batteries are considered to be excellent and efficient energy storage units ideal for long operations and deep discharging applications. These are batteries that offer excellent energy storage, and they are designed to supply a sustainable amount of power for long periods of time.

These batteries have the reserve capacity and the storage capacity to power multiple electrical components and accessories. Most deep cycle batteries used for RVs are AGM type of battery due to the key qualities that they possess. It’s like the partner that has the looks and the attitude that we are looking for.

To find out about these, refer to the list below:

● Spill-Proof Design – AGM batteries use a dry type of electrolyte that allows them to be spill-proof which is safer to use RVs.
● Maintenance-Free – Since the electrolyte of an AGM battery is dry, it doesn’t need or demand a lot of attention. They don’t need water replacement at all.
● No Gassing – AGM batteries don’t produce any gas or hydrogen when they are being charged. This makes them safer to use and ideal for recreational vehicles.
● High Vibration Resistance – Another great thing about AGM batteries is that they are built to have excellent resistance to vibration. Making them ideal for motorhomes.
● Perform at Low-Temperatures – AGM batteries are also designed to work without freezing. They can provide optimum performance under cold conditions.

With these qualities, deep cycle AGM batteries are considered to be the best and ideal choice for powering all the component and features of RVs. Because they have these key qualities, they are durable and reliable enough to keep up with demands of an RV’s electrical grid and the bumpy rides that it may encounter.

Average Price

Considering the cost of a purchasing an RV deep cycle battery will also play a big role in your campaign. You don’t want to impress a fine lady by going on a date with an empty pocket, right?

There are plenty of different factors that directly affect the prices of RV batteries such as battery type, size, capacity and more. So, the cost of the battery that you will purchase will depend on these factors.

Interstate RV deep cycle batteries typically cost from $120 to $200, and then batteries manufactured by the premium brands may cost a bit higher. They can range from $250 and more.

The Top 3 Deep Cycle RV Batteries Besides Costco

There’s a popular quote that says, “if you want to be the best, you have to have the best”. Same with your RV, if you want it to be the best or unleash its full potential, you have to equipped with the best deep cycle battery.

To help you with your search for the batteries for your recreational vehicle, here are the b est three batteries in the market today!

The Vmaxslr125 AGM Power Cell By VMaxTanks

Considered as one of the best deep cycle batteries in the market today. This Vmaxslr125 AGM battery from VMaxTanks is a military grade power cell that promises to deliver high performance and extreme durability.

Made from top-quality materials, this battery offers excellent resistance against shocks and vibration that allows it to withstand the toughest conditions. Its battery chemistry also makes it safer and very convenient to use.

As powerful and very reliable battery that can be installed in virtually any position, this AGM deep cycle battery manufactured by VMaxTanks is an excellent investment that will unleash your RV’s full potential.

T-105 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery By Trojan

Equipped with the patented Maxguard separator and the sophisticated Alpha Plus paste technologies. The T-105 6-Volt deep cycle battery manufactured by Trojan is what your RV needs to deliver the optimum performance is expected.

With these state of the art technologies, this battery offers longer runtime, battery lifespan and increased energy to deliver sustained and consistent maximum performance. It has a combined robust separator and thick internal grid with a high-density paste to allow it to outperform its competition.

As a deep cycle battery that has more battery cycle which guaranteed up to 1200 at 50% depth of discharge and 800 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. It is the ideal deep cycle battery for your RV that can serve you for ten years or more!

LiFePO4 12V Deep Cycle Battery By Battle Born

When it comes to energy-storing batteries, the Lithium-ion technology is considered to be the safest, most reliable and strongest option available.

They flat out outperform and outlast other types of batteries because they have a higher total capacity, far more cycles, and better runtime. That is why this LiFePO4 RV battery from Battle Born is the one of the best of its kind in the market today.

Weighing 29 pounds this battery is 100% made from non-toxic materials, and it is designed to provide 3000 battery cycles even up to 100% DoD. It is also engineered to still hold 75% to 80% charge after reaching the latter parts of its entire service life.

As a Li-ion RV battery that can offer a lot of excellent features that can help your RV unleash its full potential. Every penny spent on this battery will surely worth it!

Those are the best picked for your RV deep cycle battery in the market today!

All of them may be very expensive, but their prices are considered to be reasonable because of the excellent features that they offer. If the prices of these batteries are too steep and you need to get replacement batteries. The cheaper option you can do is to attempt reviving your old RV battery.

Save Money By Reconditioning Your Battery

Just like every great journey comes to an end. Your recreational vehicle deep cycle battery will eventually reach its end. When this sad time comes, it will only leave you two options; purchase a new replacement or try to breathe your old battery a new life.

Reconditioning your RV battery is the cheapest option you have because purchasing a new replacement will cost a lot due to the prices of batteries today.

Reconditioning your house trailer batteries are done in two ways, one is by using Battery Chem, and the other method is by using Epsom Salt. You can have a professional do this for you for a service fee, or you can learn how to do it and carry it out yourself.


Finding the right deep cycle RV battery at Costco and other places are processes that will require you to have the right knowledge regarding batteries. Since it is the only place where you can get reliable batteries for your camper, you have to know what exactly you are looking for to allow you pick the best suitable battery.

Otherwise, you will end up with a battery that doesn’t have what it takes to keep with your demands or overspend on a battery. With this guide, you can equip yourself with all the details that you need to help you pick the best ideal battery that your house trailer needs to make sure that it delivers the performance you need.