Deep Cycle RV Battery In Walmart

When buying an RV, rarely do we look at the features of the battery that comes with it. In general, we just trust that the batteries will last for many years and it will be a long time before we ever need to replace it.

Our RVs need more than a single battery. It needs one starting battery as well as one or several deep cycle battery for the electrical equipment on board. The original batteries that come with the RV are normally sufficient.

However, depending on the way you use your RV, personal preferences, and other maintenance issues, you may have to look for a deep cycle RV in Walmart that can address all of those requirements.

In this article, we’ll share with you some points to consider when you are shopping for your new RV battery.

There are many reasons as to why you would need a new battery for your RV. You may want to upgrade to a better one; the old battery may have gone flat because of poor maintenance, converter failure, or hard use.

Any of these issues can come up, and you would need a good new replacement. Another is that you may want to add batteries to your power system.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to knowing how many batteries you need for RV is by getting one battery per individual and then another extra.

How to Understand the Electrical System

When you choose the appropriate RV battery, it is about looking for one that has the right voltage. Another is to understand how your RV’s electrical system works as well as the different kinds of RV batteries available in the market.

Starting Batteries

Starting batteries, as their name implies, get your engine going. They are almost the same as that of car batteries, but they have a greater Cold Cranking Amp or CCA rating.

This is because our RVs have larger engines. When you replace your old starting battery, look for one that has the same or higher CCA rating.

Deep Cycle Batteries

These type of batteries are what you use to power up your RV electronic equipment. The batteries provide power to the water heater, refrigerator, lights, as well as other appliances that need electricity. Usually, deep cycle batteries come in 12v or 6v.

However, the output should always be equal to 12 volts. For example, if you are using 6v batteries, then you will need 2 units of batteries.

With deep cycle batteries, you can charge them more frequently than starting batteries. Also, you can use them up to a much deeper level as well.

Starting batteries are great for supplying loads of power but only for a short period, and that is to crank up your engine.

With deep cycle batteries, they can provide power to the electrical appliances in your RV for a longer period.

The batteries may be charged by connecting them to a shoreline power or even to solar panels. Make sure though that you install the solar panels properly or have an expert do the installation for you.

When you charge using a shoreline power, it runs through a converter which is in charge of converting the power to 12v.

Kinds of Deep Cycle Batteries

In this section, we will discuss briefly the different kinds of deep cycle batteries. There are three types, the flooded cell, gel, and absorbed glass mat or AGM.

Flooded Cell Batteries

This type of battery is the most traditional kind. It is usually the original battery that comes with your RV when you buy it. The battery needs regular maintenance which includes checking the water levels and then putting distilled water whenever it is needed.

Apart from that, you also need to clean the corrosion in the terminals. This kind of battery has a good capacity for power, and it doesn’t cost too much.

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are more expensive compared to flooded cell batteries. However, you can expect them to last longer. Another plus is that they don’t need maintenance.

One disadvantage of gel batteries though is that they don’t hold well with fast charging as compared to flooded cell batteries.

AGM Batteries

AGM batteries are similar to gel batteries. You can expect them to provide service for a long period. However, they cost more compared to flooded cell batteries. This kind of battery can endure fast charging, unlike gel batteries.

What to Do Next

Now you know the different types of deep cycle RV battery in Walmart. You have a lot of options when it comes to the various kinds as well as brands. Always make sure that the RV battery will be able to meet the power requirements of your RV.

Also, read a lot of reviews online so that you can read about the experiences of other users about a certain brand. If you have more questions about RV deep cycle batteries, send us an email, and we’ll send you other useful materials about them.

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