What Is The Epsom Salt Battery Recipe?

using epsom salt to restore an old auto cellsAccording to the acclaimed “epsom salt battery myth”, the ever reliable and easy to prepare Epsom Salt battery recipe is very effective medium for reconditioning your dead car batteries. This simple and very straightforward formula yields a potent solution perfect for for fighting against sulfation.

Due to the chemical composition of Epsom Salt. This solution is considered to be a very effective liquid additive that will get rid of sulfate buildups in the car battery and keep it in top shape. It is an ideal and cheaper method that you can use to extend your battery life.

This article will give you an overview about this well-known recipe. Providing the complete recipe with its exact measurement, its few ingredients as well as the procedure. We will also tackle how the solution works and look deeper to discover what makes it an effective means of reviving dead car batteries.

So join me as we uncover the what’s behind the myth and learn the factors that makes this potent recipe successful against sulfation. Let us start by defining Epsom Salt and understand what makes it special.

What Really Is Epsom Salt?

Epsom Salt or Pure Magnesium Sulfate is a mineral compound famous for having a lot of uses and offering plenty of benefits. Commonly known as a component of bath salts, this amazing and very useful mineral can be used on a vast range of applications and uses. This wonder compound is widely used to ease all kinds of body pains, provide various health benefits, household cleaning, improve gardens and more.

Considered as an inorganic salt, Epsom Salt should never be mistaken to table salt. It is an excellent source of Magnesium and it also contains sulfur and oxygen. Offering a simple yet substantial set of physical and chemical properties. This handy mineral compound is considered to be a wonder ingredient that can be applicable to a wealth of applications.

Desulfating A Battery with Epsom Salt

refurbishing the dead battery As mentioned earlier, Epsom Salt is an amazing all around mineral compound that can be applicable on a almost any type of application. In the case of the popularly acclaimed epsom salt battery myth, this wonder ingredient is used for desulfating a battery. In this process, this inorganic salt is used to create a simple yet potent solution that will be used to recondition or revive a dead car battery.

The process desulfating a battery using Epsom Salt is pretty easy and very straightforward. All you have to do is to gather a few ingredients, follow the recipe to create the solution and then proceed implement the self-explanatory procedure. You can find all of these below, so take your time read along learn them one at a time.

The Recipe For Making The Epsom Salt Battery Solution

The solution that you will use for the process is simple and very easy to prepare. You only have to gather two ingredients: water and Epsom Salt.

Take a half a quart of water and heat it until it boils. Once the water hits its boiling point, measure 7 or 8 oz of the inorganic salt and pour it in. Then stir it for some time and make sure that the compound is completely dissolved, to ensure the strength of your solution.

With the recipe completed and while waiting for the Epsom Salt to completely dissolve on the half quart of warm water. You can proceed to preparing the car battery that you will desulfate by taking it from your car.

If you don’t have any idea on how to remove the battery or if will be your first time to do it, you can follow the steps below:

● Step 1 – Make sure to park the car on a comfortable location. Then wear some safety outfits like gloves and goggles to protect you.
● Step 2 – Pop the hood open by pulling the latch which is located under the steering wheel. Make sure to use its adjustable rod to keep the hood open.
● Step 3 – The first thing you have to do is to disconnect the cable that connects to the negative terminal. You can do it by simply loosening the bolt of the clamp that keeps the cable connected to the battery. Then do the same for the cable which connects the positive terminal. To make sure if the battery has a negative terminal, you can refer to your car’s user manual.
● Step 4 – Now that you have remove the cables, you can finally remove the battery itself. You can do it by unscrewing all the screws that holds the battery connected to the device that holds it in place.
● Step 5 – Finally, you can now then remove the battery to get it ready for the desulfating process once the epsom salt in battery solution is ready.

5 Steps To Follow In Desulfating A Battery With Epsom Salt

Now that you have removed the battery and its ready for the process as well as the solution that you will use. You can now start the process of desulfating your car battery.

You can follow the steps listed below to do it correctly:

● Step 1 – You have to make sure that you are wearing the proper protective gears such as goggles and gloves. They will protect you from the hazards that the acids in the battery may present.
● Step 2 – Slowly remove the caps of the battery cells to get it ready for draining it with the liquid inside. To get the battery ready for the desulfating process.
● Step 3 – Drain the battery with its remaining fluid by pouring it into a bucket then neutralize it by pouring in some baking soda. Then throw the neutralized fluid into the drain. This is one of the safest way of doing, so you won’t have any problem with it.
● Step 4 – Pour the solution that you made into the battery. Use a plastic funnel in this step to make sure that none of it will go wasted. Replace the caps that you removed and then gently shake the battery.
● Step 5 – Then start charging the battery. Make sure to refer on your car’s user manual on how to properly do this to make sure that you are doing the right thing. The battery is going to be desulfated once the charging is complete.


That is how you desulfate a battery with the epsom salt battery recipe. It is very easy to do and it is also considered to be one of the cheapest way of keeping a car battery in shape. So if you are having problems with your car battery and you want to recondition it. You can follow all the steps listed above.

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