Magnesium Sulfate Battery Reconditioning Useful Guide

Learning the secret of magnesium sulfate battery rejuvenating is one of the most effective tips. Lead-acid batteries are commonly used to power automobiles that’s why they are also called as car batteries. Keeping your car battery well-maintained is very important to make sure that your car will provide optimum performance and to maintain smooth driving experience. It will also greatly reduce the risk of having a car that wouldn’t start due to a dead battery. However, automotive batteries don’t last a lifetime. At some point, your car battery will eventually die, and you are going to be left with two options, buy a replacement or attempt to recondition your dead battery.

Purchasing a brand new replacement battery can be expensive, and the cheaper option will be reconditioning your battery. If your car power cell is well-maintained, there’s a great chance that you can give it a new life. You can either carry out the magnesium sulfate battery reconditioning method or use a battery chem. If want to recondition your battery you can ask a professional to do it for you or do it yourself which is cheaper.

But If you want to find out how to recondition your battery, here is a guide the will walk you through the process using Epsom Salt.

2 Options For Reconditioning Your Car Battery

Deciding to reviving your auto batteries by yourself will lead you to two options. Carry out the process using battery chem or with magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt).

In this section, i am going to give you an idea of how both of the processes work and in the latter portion of this article. I am also going to provide you a step by step guide to walk through the process using Epsom Salt, which is the cheaper option.

Option 1. Using Battery Chem

Battery chem is an American invention in the form of a dry-mixed compound specifically designed to recondition or revive dead power cells. It is a safe and environmentally friendly chemical compound that provides car owners a cheaper solution for a dead car battery.

This compound works by breaking down the buildups of corrosion and sulfate on the plates and the separators of the battery. Keeping them clean and making sure that is going to be functional at all times.

Option 2. Using Magnesium Sulfate

You will learn how to recondition a battery with this method. In this method, the process is done by using a potent magnesium sulfate solution instead of battery chem. This solution is a pretty easy recipe that only uses Epsom Salt and water.

In this process, you are going to use the resolution that you prepared and let the great cleaning properties of Epsom salt to work its magic. It is a very easy process that anyone can carry out.

If you want to find out how to conduct an entire battery reconditioning process with the use of Epsom Salt, stick around and read along!

5 Steps To Bring Your Battery To Live Again With Epsom Salt

If you are going to attempt to revive your dead car battery using Epsom Salt, but you don’t have any idea on how to do it, just refer to the instructions below. Following the step by step guide below will walk you through the entire process of reviving your battery with the use of magnesium sulfate.

Step 1. Preparing The Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) Solution

To carry out this process, the first thing you have to do is to gather all the materials and the main ingredients for the solution. Then dissolve a considerable amount of Epsom Salt on water. Stir the mixture to make sure that the solid particles are completely dissolve leading to a potent solution that will effectively get rid of corrosion and sulfate buildups in the plates and separator within your battery.

Step 2. Locating And Removing The Car Battery From Your Vehicle

Once you have the potent solution ready. You can now proceed to the next step of the process, which is to locate the battery and remove it from your vehicle. Check the engine compartment of your car since that’s the common location where the battery is installed. Use the necessary tools (basic toolkit) to detach the battery from its tray. Then remove the battery to prepare it for the next steps.

Step 3. Cleaning Your Battery To Prepare It For Reconditioning

Clean the entire exterior of the battery and see if there are any damages that you need to address. Make sure to that you clean the entire housing of the battery and to check it for cracks and dents that can cause a lot of issues.

Step 4. Removing The Caps Of Every Cell And Then Pour In The Solution

After thoroughly cleaning battery, gently remove the cell covers of the battery cells. Allowing to pour in the solution that you prepared. Use a plastic funnel to make sure that you won’t waste the solution that you prepared. Pour it into every cell.

Step 5. Let The Solution Do Its Magic And Test Battery

Once you poured in the solution on every battery cell, give it a shake to make sure the solution will cover everything within the battery. Let it sit while to do its magic then try to test the battery using a tester.


That’s how magnesium sulfate battery reconditioning is done. It is an excellent way to revive dead car batteries to allow you to extend their service life. It will also save you money since you are going to do it all by yourself rather than paying a professional for a very simple task.