Why Do You Put Epsom Salt In Battery?

Epsom salt is a mineral compound that can be used a multitude of application. It is a wonder a mineral that offers a wealth of benefits in a variety of applications. This inorganic salt is used for cleaning purposes, to ease all sorts of body pains and a lot more.

A lot of car owners and automotive mechanics put epsom salt in battery to fight against sulfation. It is also an effective method keeping a car battery in shape by keeping the battery away from corrosion and sulfate oxide buildups that causes it fade.

In this article, i will take a look on how epsom salt can be used for reconditioning an old car battery. I will be going through the simple steps on how to use this wonder mineral compound desulfate a car battery.

And then we are going to look closer on how this inorganic salt work, to allow us to understand why is it an effective method to use against sulfation. So, before going through the steps and before we go deeper on how this chemical works, let us first understand the epsom salt battery recipe.

Defining And Understanding The Epsom Salt Battery Recipe

The epsom salt battery recipe is an instruction that you follow to create the potent solution that you will use to desulfate a car battery. This simple yet potent solution is used for reconditioning the used battery because of its properties that can effectively break down the buildup of sulfate in the battery.

So, it is great way to fight against sulfation which is a common factor that causes a battery to die. It is considered to be one of the cheapest ways that you can do to revive a dead car battery.

What Is Sulfation?

sulfation batterySulfation is a condition where crystal formation or buildups of lead sulfate occurs on battery plates. These buildups causes the battery to be unresponsive or fade. If this condition is left untreated, it will eventually have its way on the battery and render it useless. Then it will lead to the battery’s death.

The Process Of Desulfating A Battery Using Epsom Salt

Now that we already defined and understand epsom salt recipe. We also know how it works and we identified one of the main factors that causes the demise of car batteries. We are now ready desulfate a car battery with the use of epsom salt. You can now learn the basic steps that you will take on how to refurbish a dead automobile battery with the use of the wonder mineral epsom salt.

6 Steps That You Have To Take To Desulfate A Battery With Epsom Salt

If you are going to desulfate a battery with epsom salt, you have to do it the right way. You have to keep in mind that you have to wear the proper safety gears to protect yourself from the hazards that the battery fluid may present. So to do this process without risking yourself and the environment, you have to follow the steps listed below.

Step 1 – Prepare the epsom salt battery solution that you will need to use during the process. It can be simply done by dissolving eight to nine ounces of epsom salt into a half quart of warm water. You have to make sure that the epsom salt is completely dissolved to ensure a potent solution that will get rid of the sulfate buildups within the battery.

Step 2 – Remove the battery from the car by following the instructions on your vehicle’s user manual. This will inform you if your car battery has a negative terminal or not. This will also make sure that you removing the battery the right way, which is in accordance to the manual to reduce the risk of making some mistakes that will it harder.

Step 3 – Drain the battery from its fluid by slow removing the plastic cups on each cells and pouring the fluid into a bucket. Make sure that now battery fluid will remain on the battery so that the solution will take effect without any resistance. It will also allow the solution to completely clean the panels and get rid of the buildups and corrosion.

Step 4 – Neutralize and dispose of the battery fluid the proper way to eliminate the hazards that it may post against the environment. You can do it by simply pouring in some baking soda into the bucket that contains the battery fluid. Then throwing into the drain while letting water to flow with it.

Step 5 – Slowly pour in the epsom salt battery solution into the battery using plastic funnels to make sure that nothing is wasted. Then slightly shake the battery to let the solution be spread within all the cells and panels of the battery. That way it will clean every part of the battery that has the sulfate buildups.

Step 6 – Start charging the battery by following the instructions on your vehicle’s manual to make sure that you are doing the right steps on how to charge it. Once the battery is done charging it will be completely desulfated and free from the sulfate buildups that will contribute to its demise.


When you completed reading this article, you will then learn all the information that you need to understand about Epsom Salt. It will also teach you a lot of things like sulfation and how it can contribute to the demise of a car battery.

How epsom salt works and why is it an effective compound to fight against sulfation. It will basically teach you the amazing things what epsom salt in battery can do to extend its shelf life. Another important thing that this article will teach you the steps to using the wonder chemical to successfully desulfate a car battery. This will help you to save money by keeping you from buying a new car battery for your vehicle.