How To Recondition A Golf Cart Battery

Teach you through how you should repair golf cart batteries.If you love playing golf that you understand the importance of a golf cart when it comes to taking you from hole to hole across the golf course. Apart from golfing, golf carts can also be used in other settings to so that you can easily and quickly travel short distances.

Golf carts run because of rechargeable batteries. This means that you need to periodically charge them and store them where there is an electrical outlet. If you are having trouble with your golf cart batteries, don’t throw them away. You may not need to buy a new one yet.

In this article, i’ll show you how you can recondition golf cart batteries. As an owner of a golf cart, you should remember that although your golf cart runs on rechargeable batteries, you still need to refurbish them after some time.

If you are interested in restoring your golf car batteries, you will need a few tools so you can successfully proceed with the steps i will be sharing with you here. You may have to spend a few bucks if you don’t have these tools yet but it will cost far less compared to buying a new golf cart battery.

Ways To Revive A Golf Cart Battery

Before you proceed with repairing your battery, please make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly so that you can gain a full understanding of the things that you need to do to revive the battery. Also, proceed with caution on every step of the way. Prepare all of the tools you will need so that you can reach for them easily as you go through the reconditioning process.

Here are the tools that you will need:

● Safety goggles
● Gloves
● Soft brush, paint brush, or toothbrush
● Baking Soda
● Distilled Water
● Flathead Screwdriver
● Battery refurbishing liquid or Epsom salt
● Turkey Baster
● Battery charger for your golf cart battery

Don’t worry if the list of tools is long. Most of them, i’m sure you already have in your garage or kitchen. You won’t need to buy a whole bunch of them. And like i said earlier, even if you have to buy all of these tools, it will still cost way less compared to buying a new battery for your golf cart.

Clean And Inspect The Battery

The first thing you should do would be to remove the golf cart battery from the golf cart. It is found under the seat of the cart. At this point, you can start by cleaning the terminals of the battery especially if there is corrosion. Don’t forget to use your safety goggle and gloves so that none of the harmful chemicals will be in contact with your skin or eyes.

Make a solution by adding two tablespoons of the baking soda you prepared with a quart of distilled water. This is a very effective method for removing the corrosion on the battery’s terminals. You can use the paintbrush or the toothbrush for this step. When you have successfully removed the corrosion, you can repeat this step with just water so that you can rinse the baking soda off. When the battery is all clean, inspect it for any leaks or cracks.

Refill The Battery Cells

For this next step, open the battery cells’ covers. This is where you will need the flat head screwdriver so you can remove the caps. Prepare the turkey baster so that you can put distilled water on all of the battery’s cells.

Remember not to use tap water because it contains minerals that can contaminate and then damage your battery, shortening its life. Check to see that the distilled water is able to cover all of the battery’s plates.

Charging The Battery Overnight

After filling the cells with distilled water, it is time to connect the charger to the battery and leave it to charge overnight. By morning, do check the status of the charge. When you see that it is fully charged, you can remove the battery charger from the battery.

At this point, your golf cart can be used again after you put the battery back in it. If in case it did not charge well, proceed to the next step.

Recharging The Battery Cells

You will need a refurbishment liquid or a solution of Epsom salt for this process. Making the solution is easy. Just mix about 8 ounces of Epsom salt with two quarts of distilled water that is warm. Make sure that you stir it until all of the Epsom salt has been dissolved.

Remove some of the water in each of the cells using the turkey baster. Leave it only about half full and then put the solution or the refurbishment liquid in the cells. Place the caps on the battery cells and then shake your battery so that the solution will be thoroughly mixed. After that, leave it to charge again overnight!

Checking The Charge

The next morning, check your golf cart battery’s charge so that you can see if it was able to hold the charge fully. If in case it only had a partial charge, repeat the process in step four and five about two more times and then check if there is any improvement.


These are the methods of the ways to restore your golf cart batteries. Hopefully, this tips will be able to help you, so you don’t need to buy a new battery for your golf cart. If you have any questions about golf cart batteries or reconditioning them, don’t hesitate to email me. I’d be happy to share more of what we know with you.

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